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Jonas Winslo
08-21-2012, 15:17
I'm just curious how much people spent while on the Trail for their thrus (not including gear). I want to make sure I've got enough budgeted. Thanks!

Lone Wolf
08-21-2012, 15:34

08-21-2012, 16:08

it depends on how many crackers u eat

08-21-2012, 16:15
$4000's about right, or about $1000/month--faster is cheaper. $1000 contingency would be a good idea too.

08-21-2012, 20:05
As an example, I just read Chris "Clean Shave" Millers book , just released, which I highly recommend. I enjoyed it a lot.

In the back, he gives his costs for his hike, which I will restate here for you, hoping he doesnt mind too much, I think its pretty typical :

Hike days 153
Zero days 22
Original budget $2500
Dollars spent $3687
Avg cost per day $24.10
Avg cost per day if had not upgraded gear on trail $16.33

08-21-2012, 20:12
didnt mean to sent that yet. By typical I mean he spent $1000 MORE than he planned, on new gear and medical treatement.

By his own admission he sometimes bordered on being a hobo, and was probably a bit cheaper than many.

Again, great book with another different angle of thruhiking.

08-22-2012, 01:13
I spent $4,950 for my Year 2000 AT northbound thru-hike starting April 10, 2000 and finishing the AT on October 21, 2000. That cost doesn't include the cost of the gear I started the AT with at Springer Mountain but includes the cost of repairs to gear and new gear along the Trail. That cost also includes the cost of travel to get to the AT from Fort Wayne, Indiana but not travel to get back.

My AT thru-hike lasted 195 calendar days from start to finish which is a bit longer of a time frame than most who have completed a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail (I'd say the "normal" time from start to finish would be 180 calendar days start to finish). I enjoyed myself immensely on my AT thru-hike but I didn't spend lavishly.


08-22-2012, 03:56
I was just about to post my $ spent when I noticed Muddy Waters already did it for me. (Thanks for the mention)

Realistically you could do it for a lot less, if I do it again I'll be aiming at $1,500, (only cause I'm crazy) but then again part of the magic of the trail is experiencing the hostels and eating. Every hostel experience was worth as much as it cost, if not more. Time spent with other hikers relaxing is one of the most enjoyable benefits of the trail.

If I wanted to cut costs but not miss out on trail culture I would have taken less zero's and split the difference in miles. Instead of a 25 mile day and a zero do two 13 mile days taking it easy and enjoying yourself.

That and pack olive oil for more calories at less cost.

Just my 2 cents.