View Full Version : Stupid shoe question

08-23-2012, 09:43
what kinds of sandals are suitable for different weather conditions. And what precautions should I take to maintain their durability.

Don H
08-23-2012, 16:34
Do you want to hike in sandals or use them for river crossing / camp shoes?
People hike in Teva or Keen sandals. I know someone who actually did the entire trail in Crocs.

turtle fast
08-23-2012, 18:38
I have seen Tevas, Chacos, Keens, and Crocks...but most were used as camp/river crossing footwear and adjunct to a hiking boot or shoe. I had hiked a few miles in my Tevas, but the problems with hiking in sandals is that you get junk between your feet and the sandal and stopping to get it out is annoying. Also, you tend to nail your feet (the front and occasionally the top) on trail obsticles like rocks and roots...even being careful it happens. With your hiking socks the sandals are easily three season footwear.

Papa D
08-23-2012, 18:51
I used to use Chaco Sandals but they weigh a lot - Crocs are what I use now but if I were doing some intense river trip with a ton of known crossings, I might pull out the Chacos.

Wise Old Owl
08-23-2012, 19:23
Huge fan of Teva - for Canoe, Kayak and other fun times. You want something you can cross a stream in. (Without rock hopping and slippin)

09-06-2012, 07:47
leather needs lot of care and maintenance. You should avoid wearing it in wet or dusty places. Only wear leathers in clean and formal places. If it is dirty just wipe with damp cloth put in fresh air, when it is completely dry polish it with same color shoe polish. Keep them always in dry conditions. Always try your best to keep them away from water and never wear them during rainy season.