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08-23-2012, 15:55
We stayed at the Shamrock Inn and ate dinner at the adjoining pub last week and I wanted to post a shout-out to the wonderful gal that runs the place and how comfortable they made us feel. Their price for a room is very, very affordable, especially given the typical prices in New England. When asked if there had been any past problems with any hikers, the owner said she could only remember 4 out of the hundreds she had hosted since taking over the place. The vast majority of hikers she'd hosted she was pleased to have met. It shows.

I called earlier in the day to make a reservation for my wife and I and our three kids (plus the dog). The lady at the front desk took our information and when we arrived handed me the key telling me she gave us the biggest room available so we'd have more space and had already stocked it with extra towels. We would have taken a postage stamp but the kindness was welcome and appreciated. Behind the front desk, they have coin laundry and a lounge with free internet access on a pc, some light snacks, a tv and sofa. Outside the front desk is a hiker box.

The rooms are more than sufficient. Ours had everything you'd expect in a typical hotel room (beds, tv, coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave, bath, etc.) though there was also a lovely hanging on the wall behind the bed and a mural painting on the opposite wall. The bathroom was clean and there was extra soap and shampoo already there. I travel frequently and can safely say I've gotten less at much more expensive, "upscale" hotel chains. If I was traveling in the area again, I would choose to stay there over a name brand hotel just for the service alone.

Adjacent to the inn is the Shamrock Pub. Expecting typical pub food, we were surprised to fine wonderfully traditional Irish eats. There was plenty of beer on tap and in bottles though there is not plenty of seating. Nevertheless, we were seated within a few moments. We had a tough choice between the Shamrock and Jacob's Pub behind the hotel but we were glad we went.

On the funny side, two Northbounders were staying there, one of whom was wearing a kilt and both of whom had nerf battle axes. They were more than happy to play battle axes with my son who was thrilled. As a dad I can't describe just how much it means to me to see him have such a blast with fellow hikers he only met just a few minutes before. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but that is one of the most memorable parts of the trail to me and every time it restores my belief in the common decency and goodness in the hearts of people, at least on and around the trail.

08-23-2012, 15:57
Great place, I stayed there as well.

08-23-2012, 19:39
That's great... I'll have to remember this place in the future.

08-23-2012, 20:08
Where is this place located? Going north this sept. and would like to visist..

Odd Man Out
08-23-2012, 21:37
You left of the most important part of the review. What kind of beer was on tap?

Sarcasm the elf
08-23-2012, 22:35
The Shamrock is located close to the trail in Dalton MA.

I second everything the opening post said, I showed up there when I needed to bail during a triple digit heat wave a couple years ago. We called ahead from Kay Wood lean-to in the morning to ask if they allowed dogs, and they said they were glad to let us bring pets.
When we arrived to check in the woman at the front desk started off by saying that she since she knew when we were going to arrive, she had put the A/C in full blast in our room, the fifty degree (*f) room was a very welcome surprise.

Also the inn has clean rooms, decent beds, coin laundry and Internet.

08-24-2012, 06:00
This place is going to get alot more hikers next year. With The Bird Cage closing Dalton is going to change for sure.