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Forrest Phil
05-02-2005, 18:39
There was a post about this year's Damascus Hardcore worktrip after Traildays a few weeks ago. Here is an update for this work trip. I spoke with Bob Peoples several days ago. One of the challenges that arises each year is transportation. As Hardcore gains poularity and participants each year the challenge of moving folks around and especially of returning hikers to the trail increases. Bob asked that I help him by coordinating rides as far in advance as possible. Our thoughts are to account for folks that can drop hikers back on the trail after the trip. In the past we have found rides for folks way up north. This happened more by blind luck than anything. Bob would like to try to match hikers up with rides during the sign-up process or before. This way there is much less ucertainty on how to get back on the trail after working.

This year's project is more trail digging and building. Please sign up at the ATC booth Friday or Saturday. Bob and and the folks from Tennessee Eastman need to know how many tools to bring. We will leave from the Post office on Sunday morning at 10:00. We will work Sunday and Monday and then head home or to the trail on Tuesday.

If you are able to provide rides during and/ or after Hardcore let me know. PM if you like. The suggestion to bring work gloves and extras was made here before. That is an excellent idea. By the way this is the Fifth year for Hardcore.

I hope to see lots of old friends and plenty of new ones in a couple of weeks.

05-03-2005, 07:31
Do they camp near the worksite or return to Damascus or Kincora in the evening?

SGT Rock
05-03-2005, 09:34
We go back to Kincora every night, but you can camp if you want to. It's just that we get fed at Kincora.