View Full Version : Camping near Katahdin

08-29-2012, 13:37
Thinking about taking a week or so to go up to Maine. Want to climb Katahdin and other close climbs and also do some swimming in nearby lakes and ponds. Which campground would you suggest and why? Also, any must sees while I'm in that area? Thanks

08-29-2012, 13:45
C Chimney pond.

08-29-2012, 20:30
the better question is which campground will have available space for you. Chimney Pond may be (and is) a great place but it's nearly always full. katahdin Stream is located right on the Hunt Trail (the AT) so that would be a good place. Roaring Brook is another option if you want to climb Hamlin Ridge, go to Chimney Pond or do the Knife Edge.

08-30-2012, 10:23
Plenty of room in the park if you go in late September but plan on fall conditions (below freezing overnight at Chimney Pond and short daylight) . There is a lot to be said for booking a bunkhouse space as they have wood stoves. If you can get a reservation in cabin in Daicey Pond or Kidney Pond they are old sporting cabins with beds and woodstoves. The down side is that the lakes and ponds cool down quick in late September.

If you want a campground to yourself in late season, South Branch Pond has few visitors and the Travelor loop is great hike.

08-30-2012, 15:58
New England Outdoor Center has a campground with bunkhouses, tentsites and hot showers available. Their facility is located just outside the Park entrance near the "painted rock". No need to worry about reservations.