View Full Version : Optimus Nova Stove

12-25-2002, 14:50
Have any of you ever used the Optimus Nova? I would welcome all comments, suggestions, and advise you may have.

12-25-2002, 16:57
Wanna' buy one, slightly used?

trail ronin
12-22-2006, 01:17
I use one for my winter stove and love it ! I used to use a MSR whisperlite but had problems with the plastic pump, The Nova has a all metal pump. The Novas have a few quirks, but they are undoubtably the best white gas stove available today. They simmer better than anything else out there and are extremely field mantainable. Stability and packability are great . Two things (1) Always use the flip stop feature when shutting down the stove and allow a little time for the fuel line to depressurize or get gas over everthing and (2) I can't tell if the magnetic cleaning feature really works, but the stove is so easy to dissasemble and clean ,it doesn't matter. I clean mine before and after each trip , takes 5 minutes.
I liked the stove so much I bought a second one so I would have one if they quite making them. Here's the url for the stove repair kit. http://www.brunton.com/product.php?id=290 They are 20 bucks. Get one. Although you will probley won't need it, if you keep the leather pump cup oiled. This stove should last you a lifetime !