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Short Bus
09-03-2012, 11:02
Wasn't sure where this belongs so I thought I would try here. Looking for information on a Chester Gap to Harpers Ferry section for next spring/summer. Only experience on the AT has always been N. GA so we wanted to move a bit north to change it up. Was wondering what to expect terrain/mileage I could expect. My wife and I will normally do about 12 or more in Ga. Wanted to do about 4 days and it looks like Chester to HF might be a bit short. Also need info on shuttles and hostels in the area (thinking about the Teahorse in H.F. Kind of rambling here but I will take all the info/suggestions anyone would like to give. Our time/agenda is very flexible.

09-03-2012, 11:59
Chester Gap is the place North of SNP where VA 522 takes you into Front Royal, it's where the trail follows the National Zoo fence. This about 50 miles and takes you past the much over-rated rollercoaster. Some of the trails nicest shelters are along this route. The bears den hostel and the Blackburn Trail Center are along your route. The AT is rocky for short spurts and there are no big climbs. This area also grows more urbanized as you go and you will see backyards as you head North. This is easy hiking and should be enjoyable if you avoid the heat of Summer.

09-03-2012, 18:57
I've hiked some of this section - VA 55 - US 50 - and found it fairly easy. Yes there are some hills but they aren't very big, certainly nothing like SNP. I day hike so I'm not carrying a full pack. Dick's Dome is a nice shelter, as is Manassas Gap. I'd highly recommend hiking in the Spring - there are literally millions of trillium between Manassas Gap and Dick's Dome and hiking through there when they are in bloom is simply amazing. Most years the trillium peak around the 1st of May, however last year thanks to the warm winter they peaked about 3 weeks early.