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09-04-2012, 16:57
My friend and I are planning to hike from Dennis Cove Rd. to Roan Mtn (~40 mi) this November.

A few questions:

How is the water availability on this section?
Are there any opportunities for fishing on the Elk River?
How is camping in Doll Flats? My AT map does show a water source.
Any areas to avoid (other than not camping close to roads)?

We hiked from Cross Mountain rd to Dennis cove road in 2009, so this is a continuation of that hike. Also, last year we hiked from Fontana to Clingmans Dome.

Appreciate the help!

Chaco Taco
09-04-2012, 21:30
Doll Flats is awesome. Water is pretty good. The water sources for this area depend on the rainfall, esp Grassy Ridge.
Camping also in between the humps, no water. Water at the shelter before you go over the balds and at the Roan Shelter. Overmountain always has some water flowing
Dont know about the fishing

09-04-2012, 22:04
Also, take a break and check out Jones Falls -not far off the trail a few miles before 19E
I'm sure others will chime in about the food options at the 19E crossing.
I here the Apple House shelter was scheduled for removal.
Nice section. That's a stout climb gettin up Hump -worth every step.

09-04-2012, 22:15
Thanks Chaco Taco ... We're planning on camping at Doll Flats. Heard tons of good stories about it.

09-04-2012, 22:15
JJJ, awesome, we will do that!

Chaco Taco
09-04-2012, 22:18
Thanks Chaco Taco ... We're planning on camping at Doll Flats. Heard tons of good stories about it.
Nice field just outta the woods with a great view. We have camped everywhere on that section. ALmost got blown off Little Hump one night. No wind at sunset, 2 hours later, 30-40 MPH

09-05-2012, 10:18
At this time the water table is up. There is plenty of water in the Mtns. Hard to say about November. There is a source at Bradley
Gap between the Humps. The section from Dennis Cove to approx 1 mile south of White Rock (5 miles) has few water sources. The hike from Carvers Gap to Dennis Cove has a 3000' + loss in elevation. The Trail follows the Elk River for some distance. Havent had any reports of fishing.

10-30-2012, 14:45
Anyone know the weather conditions or the trail conditions on this section? We have planned our trip from Nov 1st - 4th. The weather will be clearing up Thursday on, I'm wondering about how much snow has already fell from sandy in this area?

10-30-2012, 14:55
Last night they had 12" of snow up on the Roan. Don't know how much they have now.

Tennessee Viking
10-30-2012, 15:07
PM 10-K, he was recently around the town of Roan Mtn.

From news reports, its bad right now in the higher elevations.

Roan Mtn State Park has been reporting 12" within the park. Carvers Gap is getting heavy gusts with lots of snow and ice. I heard its close to 2feet on the top.

You might want to call Kincora or Mountain Harbour for road and weather conditions. So far, I26 south of Erwin is the only major state closure. Carter County may be closing roads or advising travel at your own risk. And Mitchell County has already closed the NC side.

10-30-2012, 15:27
Thanks dmax and Tennesse Viking.

I called Kincora and I'm going to call back tomorrow and see what the weather is like. Looks like they will get a few more inches of snow tonight at Kincora, so Roan will definitely get more snow tonight then.

10-30-2012, 18:08
With that much snow I doubt you'll be able to drive up over the mountain to Kincora unless it all melts.

Tennessee Viking
10-31-2012, 08:19
I talked to one of my Tenn Highway Patrol contacts. THP is advising to stay off Roan unless you are a local, and have snow tires or chains. The road is impassable for thru traffic.

10-31-2012, 13:43
I just got back from hiking Unaka Mt. to Erwin and there's plenty of snow above 3000'. Erwin doesn't have a flake....

What's a real PITA is not so much the snow on the trail - it's all the bushes, trees, limbs, and branches covered with snow that bend over and block the trail that you have to go over, under, and around. Really slows you down.

Had a good hike though.. Drifter from Ohio is down this way and got off the trail just north of 19E right as the storm hit and we hiked it together today. Nice to meet another WB'er.

10-31-2012, 19:40
Looks like Roan had 20" Elk Park had 14" Beech Mtn 12.5" and just south of Roan Buladean 13" of snow. http://averyweather.com/Forecast/Beech+Mountain