View Full Version : Airbnb location in Cascade, MD near several spots on the AT

Soolah Hoops
09-04-2012, 20:55
Hi All,

I have two rooms at this time on AirBNB that are available inexpensively near several locations in a section of the Maryland AT. I just did a drive around the area to calculate the distances of each location for your convenience as well.
I am
3.4 miles from the Devils' Racecourse Shelter
About 4 - 5 miles from 491 AT marker
1.3 miles from Buena Vista Road AT marker
1.4 miles from Pen Mar Park AT line
4 miles from SR 16 Buchanan Trail

I live right behind the Cascade Post Office and there are several little place that you can get some items in the town and then not too far down the mountain is Rouzerville, PA with lots of stores (Wal-mart, grocery stores, etc) and then on the other side is Smithsburg (with at least a grocery store and some restaurants).

You do need reservations but I think it's pretty reasonable.

Here is a link to the rooms so you can see them:

Bear with me as I am new to the AT side of things like this but may be able to help transport locally to places for supplies as well. If you have any questions you may contact me here or through Airbnb as well.

Hoping this helps some for those who hike in the area...:)


PS - It's a work in progress but it's coming along...:)

09-05-2012, 09:45
Hey, good luck to you! Please let us know how it goes -- your experience may inspire others to join in along the trail. Got any hiker takers yet?

Soolah Hoops
09-05-2012, 22:47
Thanks so much...:) Not yet but I hope so and I will also try to add some of the areas photos of the places I have mentioned above into the Airbnb post. I really appreciate everyone's responses too cause it helps out a lot being a newbie in the arena...:) Good luck to those too who also are doing something like this...:)