View Full Version : What do y'all think, HF,WV to Springer starting mid September a good idea?

09-06-2012, 01:58
I would like to try and split the A.T. into 2 parts, Harpers Ferry south and later Harpers Ferry north. I plan to do the southern half this fall and the northern half next summer. Does it seem to a good idea to do this 1000+ mile stretch starting in mid September? This is a good time due to a semester off from college and time off from work, plus the positive support from my parents. Any suggests about the best place to split it due to weather, since I am from coastal SC, I have little knowledge of the weather around the A.T. I have done a few week and weekend hikes so I know a good bit, but am no where near experienced. This has all developed in the past week, so any and all advise is welcome. I am 21 male 5'11" 150 lbs if that means anything.

Thank you,

09-06-2012, 06:57
You may have to contend with cold / possible snow issues in the Smokies, but its a great time of year. Be sure to have your blaze Orange ready for hunting season.

09-06-2012, 14:45
Yes! Fall is a great time to hike in the South. It'll get cold in late November, and you'll want some blaze orange about halfway through. But it would be an awesome hike.

09-10-2012, 22:06
Sorry its took so long to reply my computer crashed but now the time I had to do to do this has been cut in half so I think I am going to start in Damascus and go south for now and see what the future holds. I have plenty of blaze to wear and my pack is bright red so I am good with that. I am going to start Tuesday morning, I can't wait!

09-10-2012, 22:11
Agreed, the Fall will be a great time to tackle the South!! Enjoy!!

09-11-2012, 08:18
Starting SOBO from Damascus, you'll have enough time to be home by Thanksgiving. Have a great hike!

09-11-2012, 12:00
Yeah bro great idea but take some warm cloths with you by the time you get to southern VA it will be cold.

09-12-2012, 00:35
Yeah as long as I make it home in time for the first season of duck hunting in SC, which starts the weekend before Thanksgiving, I will be happy. Plus if I finish by then, I will be going to the Carolina-Clemson game, GO COCKS.