View Full Version : Has anyone tried an Emergency blanket as underquilt?

09-11-2012, 12:23
Just ordered my first hammock. The emergency blanket was a lifesaver when tenting. I was thinking of attaching the emergency blanket with velcro. Thanks for the input.

kayak karl
09-11-2012, 12:26
yes, but if it gives you an extra 5 degrees your lucky. closed cell pad would be better. with a cheap walmart one i have gotten down to 40, but that's me.

09-11-2012, 12:28
Its too noisy to handle.

Tom Murphy
09-11-2012, 13:07
Yes, I have. I went hiking in mid August two years ago with a mid weight fleece blanket as a TQ and no UQ, thinking it was summer time who needs insulation.....

After closing tarp to storm/winter arrgt, putting on everything I owned, warm water bottle & legs in empty backpack, I finally though to break out the space blanket. It was very effective in blocking the wind. Not sure if it added much insulation value.

But I wouldn't considered a permananet method because moisture collect on the inside surfaces, woke up wet and if the day had been cold I would have had some issues.

09-11-2012, 14:53
Used one in a pinch. It got sweaty and didn't add much warmth, but it blocked the wind. I wouldn't recommend it in anything other than an emergency.

09-11-2012, 15:48
If you're attaching outside and underneath, you'd probably get more insulation value using it to hold a layer of stuffed dry leaves between it and the bottom of your hammock. Too noisy and damp inducing on its own.

09-11-2012, 17:16
Its too noisy to handle.

+1 Remember those super loud Sun Chip bags?

09-17-2012, 15:09
I used an emergency blanket last weekent to add a couple of degrees. It did alright but was noisy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would stay with a good uq/oq setup.

09-17-2012, 15:49
using a space blanket was a recommendation, at least a few years ago when i last looked, from (Tom) Hennessey Hammocks... I think it only made sense for their insulation system because it worked so badly that fixes were required in almost any weather. i did use a space blanket with the Hennessey system for about two weeks. The whole approach is so fussy that I felt like I was going to lose my fingers to frost bite before I had the space blanket and all in place. Better to come up with a simpler system that really works and leave the space blanket in your car's glove compartment... and there you have my best advice! good luck and enjoy hammocking.

Rain Man
09-17-2012, 15:56
Hmmmm ... I have used a high-quality "space blanket" as an under shield on occasion to good effect.

Keep in mind that there are different kinds of "space blankets." People have posted about noise. I'm assuming they are referring to the cheap "space blankets," because I had no noise whatsoever.



Buffalo Skipper
09-17-2012, 16:04
In my earliest days of hammocking, before I had a "proper" underquilt, I once used a space blanket as one cog in a makeshift insulation system. I put a folded army style wool blanket inside the hammock,like a pad. I had a DIY underquilt (made from a synthetic 40 sleeping bag), and between that and the hammock, I sandwiched a mylar emergency blanket, and inside the hammock, I was in a Kelty Lightyear 25 bag. It dropped down to 30 overnight, and I was warm (not hot) all night. By the following month, I had purchased and was using a 20 Hammock Gear down underquilt, and have never looked back!

09-17-2012, 19:08
using a space blanket was a recommendation, at least a few years ago when i last looked, from (Tom) Hennessey Hammocks...

It's still part of his system. Frankly, and I hate to say it, HH is behind the times in a number of ways, not the least of which is outsourcing manufacture of their hammocks to China. I bought a new HH sleep system earlier this year which I just sold this past week because I didn't trust it after visual inspection. It felt like bargain bin quality compared to my Warbonnet. Using a space blanket plus several other layers is far too contrived, and with competing high quality American made products from Warbonnet, HH has really lost its edge.

09-18-2012, 13:46
Yes, with insulation between the hammock and space blanket. Polycryo window film will work too.

The AMK Heat Sheet blankets are polyethylene rather than Mylar and much quieter.

I use a custom silnylon poncho for an undercover with the Hennessy insulation and a space blanket between the foam and the hammock. Condensation hasn't been a big problem. I like the system for summer use.

Google "garlington insulator" for an alternative method using an under cover with garbage bags for insulation.

I find undercovers very effective when used with partial underquilts and extends their range.

2QZQ makes undercovers in plain a coated fabrics.