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09-12-2012, 10:42
I have a pair of Rockport Eureka (http://www.amazon.com/Rockport-Mens-Eureka-Walking-Shoe/dp/B000W92YBC)shoes purchased for a vacation last year. I wore them all day, every day walking through museums, city streets, etc. Then I wore them every day to work as a chemist so maybe half the time on my feet in the lab, half sitting behind a desk. I just came back from a vacation which also involved lots of walking, some in museums, but also a few day hikes over rocky terrain (Incan trails and sites in Peru). I put a pair of Dr Scholls insoles in them when I first got them and those are ready to be replaced. Otherwise the only noticeable wear is some minor fraying on the thread on the right toe. Oh yeah, I replaced the shoelaces prior to the recent vacation. They weigh about 14 ounces each including Dr Scholls insoles, so not heavy but not super light either. These shoes have held up remarkably well and still look nearly new. Most importantly, they are comfortable.

So my point for posting: Has anyone tried these or anything similar for hiking with a pack? Is there any reason not to?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Feral Bill
09-12-2012, 12:57
The soles might not be ideal for rough terrain. No harm in giving them a try for a weekend or so.