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09-12-2012, 21:28
Hi, I'm getting gear ready for my section hike from Springer to Damascus on April 1st and I will be using my old Camptrails external, which I believe is a McKinley. Two of the lashing patches on the top cover flap disintegrated and I need to replace them but I am loathe to sew.......is there a particular glue I can use that will adhere them well enough to the pack material to take the strain of using them to strap on my sleeping bag in a water proof compression sack? Yes, I know it's a "heavy dinosaur" of a pack but it served me VERY well during my trek thru Denali in '87 and I won't be stuffing it with near as much weight this time out. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

09-12-2012, 21:42
I have the same Camptrails pack, but it has not been used in 10 years. i ought to offer it for sale here. It can haul a lot, but I've long since gone on to my second internal frame. I think a shoe repair service for sewing might be an option if the pack cloth is not too UV damaged. But if it is, the glue fix might not hold either. Just my $0.02, but I do have a little old Korean lady that keeps my gear in repair.

kayak karl
09-12-2012, 22:19
i doubt any glue will hold. if this is on a seam punch a hole a thread some twine thru and make a loop. you can seam-seal the hole. or sew a loop op twine on. i use zing-it or amsteel for my repairs like this. i put stake loops on a tent that ripped off this way.

09-13-2012, 09:58
i have a camptrails 2, that did not have lash patches. about 20 years ago i purchased the patches, took the pack off the frame marked where i wanted them and had them sewed on for me. i am pretty sure that i brought it to a tailer, but it could have been a shoe repair guy like chiefiepoo suggested. worked very well for me.

the pack was stored for quite a while and the patches dry rotted and were unusable but otherwise the pack worked fine, my brother has been useing it for about the last 7 years. a real work horse, got my moneys worth from it for sure.

i know it is not DIY , but i hope this helps. enjoy your hike.

09-13-2012, 12:19
Thanks guys; somehow I knew there was going to have to be a needle and thread involved in this somehow.........