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05-06-2005, 17:34
Comments, anyone stay at Greasy Creek friendly?

I used them to shuttle me a few years ago. Plan on staying there if/when I thru. Nice people, neat hostle (friendly :p )
real close to the trail at greasy crreek gap. Go right, follow trail to road, hostle is first house on the right.


05-07-2005, 07:40
I stayed there several weeks ago. Great folks and good meals are served too, if you like. You have a choice of a 2 person bedroom in the house (if you get there early) or a bunkhouse. Dogs next door are penned up so they should not be a problem. Shuttle service, flush toilet, laundry, small resupply and food items (ice cream too!) are available too. I'm sure you'll enjoy it there.

Sky Rider


05-07-2005, 09:32
I stayd there in the fall of 2003. Nice place, friendly people, good service, was the only one that night. Can only recommend to stop for the night.

05-09-2005, 10:22
Stayed there last November on a section walk. It was a welcome stop where I'd mailed a drop box, with far too much food for the area. I contributed well to the hiker box. The weather was wet and blustery, hence staying there was worthwhile to warm up and dry off.

They have a peculiar way of charging for food they cook and serve. It detracts from the feel of the place after visiting Miss Janet's, but it is fair and reasonable. The resupply at their place is minimal, but well priced. I see no reason to do a mail drop there, but to simply purchase from them and keep your weight down.

It can be confusing with the number of paths and roads between the Friendly and Geasy Gap. Apparently, they are all based on cow paths, and all lead to the same place.

Pennsylvania Rose
04-20-2006, 20:32
My kids and I bit off more than we could chew on a section hike from 19E to Erwin. Decided to quit a day early and went to the Greasy Creek Friendly to get a shuttle back to our car. We spent a pleasant and entertaining afternoon with Connie while we waited for her husband to get home from work. They're busy making improvements to the bunkhouse. The "store" is their kitchen and living room, where you can sit around the wood stove and watch TV or chat in down-home comfort. Their neighbor is an interesting fellow. I'm definitely going to stop by the next time I go through.