View Full Version : Mid-Atlantic storms could be severe

09-17-2012, 20:10
For those out hiking just be aware that tomorrows weather could become ugly in some areas from western Carolinas north through eastern NJ and NY. A swath of rain is moving northward through the Tennessee Valley tonight bringing much needed moisture there.
The warm tropical system will bump into a cool front tomorrow which will increase the likelihood of severe T-Storms with high winds and possibly spawn tornados .

Be careful out there guys and gals.

09-17-2012, 21:48
Thanks for the warning.... I think some hikers will be taking an unplanned zero so they won't get "dumped on".....

Don H
09-18-2012, 16:08
I'm about 60 miles east of the AT near Boiling Springs. We are getting quite a storm right now. I hope that anyone on the trail is in a shelter!