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09-18-2012, 13:28
As the title says - I will be hiking The Whites in a couple weeks and plan to start close to Lincoln. What is the best idea for parking?
1. Park in Lincoln and shuttle to a trailhead? Where to park in Lincoln?
2. Park at a Trailhead?
3. Park at the North side of The Whites and SB - then shuttle back to the car?
4. Suggestions please

We will have rental and I wanted to minimize my possibility of damage from vandalism or theft - I am just not sure of the best or most logical option.

Thanks in advance for any info

09-18-2012, 13:47
What trail(s) are you planning to do... "the whites" are a large area

09-18-2012, 14:04
What trail(s) are you planning to do... "the whites" are a large area

Our plan is to follow the AT through The Whites.


09-18-2012, 14:13
Our plan is to follow the AT through The Whites.In general I park north and use the AMC shuttle back to the trailhead at Lincoln Woods (or near the Liberty Springs Trail if you want to do that small portion of the AT leading up to the Franconia Ridge). Shuttle may be weekends only by the time you start. "Trail Angel" is probably the cheapest private shuttle if he's willing to go that far for his flat fee. Others, like the Shuttle Connection, based on mileage, will be very expensive.

Mountain Mike
09-18-2012, 14:19
AMC runs a shuttle in the area.http://www.outdoors.org/lodging/lodging-shuttle.cfm Parking possibilities at hostels in Glencliff, & Gorham. Also Lafayette Campground & Pinkham Notch all pretty safe.

09-18-2012, 14:31
I recommend that you park at Chet's Place, a hostel in Lincoln. Chet's a good guy and will look after your car. I liked him a lot and stayed overnight at his place in July. He works on a donation basis, so take good care of him. He's very nice and loves the trail and the community. PM me and I'll be happy to give you his number.

09-18-2012, 15:29
Park in Gorham adjacent to the police station in the town hall. The best spot is over near the trains as on the road near the ball field may be hit by a foul ball. The local police drive by many times a day plus state police go by on occasion. Then walk over to Rt 16 and catch the AMC shuttle over to Liberty Springs trail. If you want to start at the Glencliff side of Moosilaukee you need a private shuttle from Lincoln to the west side of the mountain or you need to hitch. There is a firm called Shuttle Connection in Lincoln that can shuttle you but it will cost you. Unless you are in rush, I would suggest taking the AMC shuttle from Gorham and making arrangements with shuttle connection to pick you up in Lincoln.

I would not leave a car at the Glencliff AT parking lot, its kind of remote.