View Full Version : Gone Hikin'

05-07-2005, 22:00
BadAss Turtle and I made the drive down from Wyoming and just got to the hotel at the Denver Airport. Settling in for the night. Early morning flight eastbound and landing at the Tri-Cities airport. Kincora by late afternoon tomorrow. Hit the trail Monday morning headed for Damascus.

Looking forward to having the trail under foot again. Will be at Dot's on Saturday AM to meet my many WB friends.

All the best ...

AT 2003

05-08-2005, 15:59
See you guys back east! I'm taking off eeearly Wednesday morning from DEN to ATL, hanging out with dad for a bit, then hopefully carpooling up to Damascus late Thursday or early Friday.


Uncle Silly
05-08-2005, 17:15
wave a big Carolina howdy to Disney International Airport for me! i was just out there in april... Denver's a great town. sadly i didn't have time to do any hiking in the Rocky Mtn Nat Park.