View Full Version : Looking for a partner to Start thru-Hike March 2013 GA>ME

09-23-2012, 18:02
I'm a 37 yr old Female interested in hiking the Trail come March 2013. I'm doing this because I know I can. I'm determined to at least try and really would like someone who has a similar interest for company and to share knowledge etc. I'm laid back and have outdoor experience etc. I just want to check it off the bucket list. I know there will be tough times but sharing the experience with someone with the same mentality would be great. Let me know if your interested! I think it would be a great time!! -:)

Daniel Bennett
09-24-2012, 07:17
Hello. where are you located? I am in CT and i am doing it next year. however i was going to do the SOBO starting in ME.. but thats months away so that can all change

Hill Ape
09-25-2012, 17:20
Any given day in march there's dozens of starters, it's easy to just fall in with the ones at your pace. Let the trail decide

09-25-2012, 20:18
Oh well, there's a huge group of women starting in March. I can find out exactly what day in March they are starting and get back to you. You won't be alone... don't worry about that. :)

09-26-2012, 09:35
I was right... you won't be alone! There's a group starting the first week in March. No worries. You will naturally find the person(s) that hikes at the same pace etc...Have a great time!!

09-27-2012, 09:55
I will be starting my thu hike on March 1st 2013. I am sure there will be people to hike with on any given day around there.

turtle fast
09-27-2012, 13:28
On March 1st you will have throngs of those looking to start a thru hike. Space in shelters will be at a premium and you risk serious snow/ice storms in the Smokeys and it will be obviously be cold. Try the last week of March or the 1st of April...you still may see a snow flurry but likely less severe and you still would be in the thru hiker mix. Not trying to dissuade anyone, but just giving a suggestion.

09-29-2012, 00:30
I'm taking a gap year off before college and am planing on hiking Georgia-Maine starting early March and am definitely looking for someone to hike with as well, mostly for safety! Let me know if you're interested!

09-29-2012, 00:55
Check out the spreadshet.
There are heaps more going not saying so (yet) on Whiteblaze.
Companions won't be a problem solitude will be hard to find to start.

09-30-2012, 00:35
what i learned at Tom Levardi's house was ''the dude abides and the trail provides.'' the trail will provide!

09-30-2012, 12:23
I'm taking a gap year before college as well, also hoping to hike Georgia to Maine. I'll more likely start in later March. Not sure I'm looking for a hiking buddy but I'm open-minded about it...Maybe we'll run into each other!

10-19-2012, 17:14
Hiya ?,
no doubt you probably have received a ton of interest in hiking partners. As for myself I am going it alone and just waiting for whatever to happen to just happen. I am told that people just meet on the trail and there are enough hikers to go around. I really have never had a bucket list but I suppose it's never to late to start one. Good luck on your hike and who knows maybe we will cross paths along the way.

10-22-2012, 08:28
Hi there. I will be starting in mid-March. As many others have said, you are bound to meet someone on the trail. I've talked to a few seasoned thru-hikers, one piece of advice I got in order to try and avoid the early season crowds at the shelters (as much as possible) is to start mid-week. Good luck and kudos to you for working thru the bucket list!


10-24-2012, 16:48
I'm planning a NOBO thru-hike in March of 2013. I've hiked several hundred miles of the AT and average 15-20 miles a day. I like a partner that is motivated and keeps moving forward, but also takes time to enjoy a nice view or creek for an hour or so each day. I like gettin the miles, but also take time to relax and enjoy as well. I have a sailboat and would like to find someone to do some sailing in the Winter months in between triple crown thru hikes... Check out my pics on my profile page and IM me if interested in teaming up... MorninJoe

P.S. All previous posts are very reliable... You will meet several people each and every day... Always hike your own hike!! The trail will definetely provide...

10-24-2012, 17:04
Lots of people leaving the same time... if everything goes well hopefully I'll be leaving mid March-April.... WE'LL SEE!

Hopefully I'll be adding my name to that chart soon! :)

RJ Lewis
11-02-2012, 00:21
I look to be starting in March myself and definitely have the gear to be flexible where temps are concerned, and have an ultralight shelter so I don't need to worry about using shelters along the way. I prefer my privacy when I sleep. I have less than a 10lb baseweight so I should be good to go. I just don't see me doing high miles to start, due to the brutal winters in North Dakota and lack of being able to get out and/or doing much of anything to be honest. Being disabled as I am, I will definitely be hiking my own hike. :) I'm starting alone but I'm sure someone else out there will be as slow as I will be at first, and I will meet plenty of new friends. I can't wait!!!!! =) After all these years, I'm finally gonna get my chance. Yippee!!!