View Full Version : How far from SR 60 to Blood Mtn? From SR 60 (by road or trail) to Dockery Lake?

The Counselor
09-26-2012, 15:42
We are planning to car camp at Dockery but also want to hike up to Blood Mtn shelter and we are not up for 8.5 miles uphill in one trek - which is the distance from Dockery. We might get up after the night at Dockery and drive up to SR60 where it crosses the AT. How far a drive is that? Is there parking? What's the trail distance from the SR60 crossing to the summit of Blood Mtn?

09-26-2012, 18:23
The hike from Dockery Lake to Miller Gap (AT) is an easier hike than Woody Gap (SR60) to Miller Gap on the AT. The Dockery Lake trail is a gentle climb but does get somewhat steep near the end. The AT takes you over Big Cedar. Both routes to Blood Mtn are about the same distance, Dockery maybe .25 miles longer.

If you are looking for a shorter hike I recommend driving over to Lake Winfield Scott and hiking the Slaughter Creek trail to the AT and onward to Blood. It is about 4 miles or so to the summit.

11-01-2012, 08:23
60 is Woody Gap. Appx 9 mi to summit Blood.

I'd suggest camping at Windfield Scott. From your camp site, do the Jarrard gap hike up to the AT, then follow the at to where it meets Slaughter Creek trail at the base of Blood. Summit Blood then return on slaughter creek trail is 7.7 miles of some excellent hiking through varying terrain.