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10-02-2012, 14:08
So I have a 7-10 day period to do some backpacking. I would lvoe to go to Maine but that's too much gas as I live in Western Pennsylvania. I think the Grayson Highlands would be more reasonable on gas but just wondering what stretch or loop if possible? would cover the Grayson Highlands and Mt Rogers areas and also meet my criteria or 7-10 days? I was looking at the possibility of Mt Rogers NRA Headquarters to Damascus but it seems the Highlands are really hte only highlight of that route or am I wrong?

I'd even be willing to split up the trip into a loop around the Highlands and a separate scenic loop on the way in WV or V or even a little on further south and hour or two. Any suggestions on any of these options would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

10-02-2012, 14:54
I did a week-long loop out of Damascus utilizing the Iron Mountain Trail going out and the AT/Creeper coming back in. Fantastic hike.

Creek Dancer
10-02-2012, 15:47
Excellent suggestion!! And you wouldn't have to worry about a shuttle. Just keep in mind that the weather is very changeable on Grayson Highlands. Prepare for all conditions. Have fun!

10-02-2012, 18:05
Not Sure what shape you're in but you may be able to cover Massie Gap in the Highlands to Carvers Gap, TN? It's around 11-12 mile days but if you're coming down from PA, Go for the Gusto!! It's an Amazing Section! The shuttle cost might be the onlt hangup?

10-02-2012, 21:47
The HQ to Damascus makes a nice hike. Around 65 miles, so 7 days is plenty including the shuttle. Yes, the open country around Mt Rogers is a major highlight, but not the only one. The others might be a little more subtle....creeks and gorges and

For a longer hike you might try the stretch south of Damascus in the direction of Erwin, TN. You can go 100-125 miles in ten days. 125 gets you to Erwin or thereabouts. You get the Roan Highlands, Beauty Spot, etc. Nice section.

10-02-2012, 22:46
Doing Damascus to Atkins (Groseclose) (70 miles+) and maybe onto Bland (100+) starting this weekend if you're interested; we could self-shuttle with 2 cars. PM me if interested.