View Full Version : Where to overnight park on NY AT?

10-02-2012, 14:53
I am a section hiker having trouble finding overnight parking on the NY AT north of the Bear Mtn Bridge. I am planning a hike this weekend ending at the Bear Mtn Inn and starting at either Dennytown Rd or NY301. There are two of us, so we would leave a car at either end of the hike for the weekend. Both NY301 and Dennytown Rd are marked as day parking only. Has anyone ever parked at either of those spots over a weekend? Are these spots enforced for no overnight parking? Appriciate any insight you have!

10-02-2012, 17:35
You can call up Fahnstock Park and ask what they suggest for overnight parking options. You might be able to park on Sunken Mine Rd which is a dirt and mud road with pullouts that I have parked on for day hikes, or may have to stretch it to Miller Hill Rd where people park under the parkway overpass, though I don't know about overnight parking there.