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05-11-2005, 11:34
Hello all,
I have a Big Agnes Horse Theif 35 degree bag and insulated air core sleeping pad, sleeping in a 2 walled tent. My first trip out with this setup didn't go as well as I would have liked. The first night out the temps dropped to the high 20's low 30's. The bag seems to be underrated for my sleeping type, as I was sweating most of the night. I sleep in synthetic underwear and a synthetic shirt. With the bag partially open, (before I was sweating) the air temps were too cool to be comfortable. But with the bag zipped shut I was too warm. Coupled with this I was itching like crazy. This all made for a couple of misarable nights sleep. A couple of notes. The first night I slept in synthetic underwear (shirt and shorts), the second night I tried a cotton shirt and synthetic underwear and the third night I tried long pants and a long sleeve shirt. Though I was overly warm and sweating a ton I was most comfortable on the last night. I guess because the clothes were wicking the sweat.

Couple of questions:
Is there something different to sleeping in a down bag vs a synthetic? This was my first time in down.

I have had allergy testing before and have never had a problem with down bedding (in the home), do you think it was the sweating that caused the itching?

Would a liner help?

Any suggestions?


05-11-2005, 15:33
try sleeing in a hammock.:cool: neo

05-11-2005, 18:29
Allergies change over time. Mine do anyway. Go stuff your face in the feathers and breathe for a while. Eat alot of MSG kind of stuff?