View Full Version : 10 Year Old Nephew Would Like To Try Backpacking/Anybody have an extra child's pack?

10-12-2012, 17:54
Evening Folks:
I was talking to my 10 year old nephew today about backpacking and he said that he might like to try it.:banana

Knowing that my nephew's parents would never spring for a backpack for him...I need to ask here if anyone has an old child's backpack that they might be willing to let go.

If you have a kid's backpack and no longer have a use for it...let me know and we can work out the details.:)

Thanks In Advance!

P.S. I am pretty sure that if my nephew has a good time...trip requests from my similar aged nieces can't be far behind! LOL

10-12-2012, 18:05
You might want to check this pack out: http://www.rei.com/product/830282/rei-comet-pack-kids-special-buy
If you're an REI member, it's only $47.94 with the 20% coupons REI has going through Sunday. Add ANYTHING to the order to get it over $50 and the shipping is free.

10-12-2012, 22:29
Yes I can recommend a great one...it's the Deuter Fox 30 kid's bag. This thing looks just like an adult backpacking backpack but just shrunken for a child. The best part is the torso length is completely adjustable so he will be able to grow with it for a long time (not sure the age ranges tho). I have sold several of them at my store which is easy to do because they're awesome. Check it out.


kayak karl
10-12-2012, 23:03
i saw 2 packs at the goodwill outlet distribution place in Newark, Delaware. if they are still there Monday i'll pick them up., since its the main place they sell at $.75 per. lb.
or maybe checkout your local one. :)

10-13-2012, 08:14
Kayak Karl:

If you could grab them, that would be great. Just let me know what I owe you. THANKS!

10-13-2012, 08:18

I was going to say I could pick them up from you at MAHAA, but I noticed that you are not going this year.

Don H
10-13-2012, 08:23
Ask around, maybe you can borrow one. REI rents packs, check with your local store.

If son likes backpacking he's almost old enough to join a Scout troop. Find one that does backpacking on a regular bases.
I'm a Scoutmaster and I take kids a few times each year on the AT in Maryland and Southern PA, which is near you. It's a great place to start them.
Do you have an idea about how much weight he'll be carrying and how far you plan to hike in a day? Over doing it will kill a kids enthusiasm for hiking fast.

Don H
10-13-2012, 08:24
Oops, nephew not son. Anyway it's cool you're taking him hiking. Have fun!