View Full Version : Merrell Outbound Mids gore-tex

10-13-2012, 18:37
Does anyone have experience with this boot. depending on day hiking or longer backpacking conditions, I usually opt for either my Asolos (heavy) or Northface trail runners which I love.

looking for ones experience with these boots regarding comfort and fit, durability, and weather proofing. I know they are heavier than trail runners and I'm okay with that. thanks in advance for any insight!


The Cleaner
10-14-2012, 09:44
I have this same boot.It fit great and was waterproof for about 3 years.I really like them,was really great on rough trails&bushwacking.After a trip this spring I noticed that the stitching just above the arch had begun to rot or come apart.First it happened to one boot then I noticed the same issue with the other boot.So now the stitching has come apart enough to let water in just above the outsole.Not useable because water can now get under the midsole and get the boot wet on the inside pretty quick.After using them about 3 years&a few hundred miles they now have been sent to the around the house work&grass mowing boot pile.There is still plenty of outsole left but with rotting stitching they are useless for outdoor travel.I thought that Merrell would have used better quality stitching but after 3 years of getting wet&drying out,I guess the stitching finally just gave up....

10-14-2012, 12:54
That is good information. I think I would be fine if I could get three years of solid trail action with weather proofing holding up that long. and as you mentioned, they are still quality enough to get a second life in less harsh conditions. Add long as the comfort has been good, sounds like good value for under 200 bucks for arguably your most important piece of gear. Thanks for the review Cleaner!

gizzy bear
10-15-2012, 15:43
Those are some badazz looking boots !! sounds like they perform pretty badazz too!!! :)