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Wise Old Owl
10-16-2012, 19:51
Welcome to PC hell About a month ago I was looking for a additional font for a writing that I was putting together, shortly after installing the new font, I noticed when I typed a non url or url into the slot above "My Web Search powered by Google" popped up and there were a host of places that seemed out of what I asked for, it affected Explorer and Firefox alike.. Then a week later I was trying to attach a picture to a post and it locked up, then I discovered after that the video buttons did not work at all. So I went over to my wife's computer and the office computer down the pike and discovered they at one time or another had been installed by this little program that was, I suspect taking me to places I did not want to go....

SO I went and deleted it.... whooops... I had to get a professional to adjust the registries.... This stuff may get past your firewall so be aware if you see this happening to you...


Wise Old Owl
12-27-2012, 17:41
Picked up a new computer for Christmas - and it happened again, on the 26th I installed Google Earth, I haven't got the Trend Security up as I was going to well known websites Today after I was forced to do a reset by Norton - I suddenly had a new tool bar! - Now I use custom each and every time and I am as careful as can be... so how did I get it, my best guess is it was piggybacked on getting KML add ons - Specifically PCT trail Add on, from a third party provider.

I had to delete Search.US.Com

Yontoo Phishing spyware
TidyNetwork Phishing program
Reset home within the Browser
and shut off a plug in on IE...

I am glad I know what to do, but all this GOT PAST NORTON FIREWALL!

Guess what happens next! Good bye Norton.

Odd Man Out
12-27-2012, 17:47
Sorry about that.

My old computer was crashing constantly. It was running on Vista and had lived through three kids and two exchange students in high school, installing everything under the sun. I backed up everything to an external drive, completely reformatted the hard drive, installed Windows 7, and then was very careful to copy back and install only the few programs I wanted, needed, and trusted. Much better now, but yes those stupid tool bars that come with downloads sometimes sneak in!

Wise Old Owl
12-27-2012, 17:57
Here is some info about Google that I found interesting...


Gray Blazer
12-27-2012, 18:19
Here is some info about Google that I found interesting...


I would not like my computer to get google herpes. Seriously.

Wise Old Owl
12-27-2012, 19:20
hahahahha... too funny... Even after removing all the programs and add on's I had to reinstall Bing as the default search engine.... wow.

Wise Old Owl
12-29-2012, 12:40
Now that this has happened twice - and keep in mind it gets past firewalls as legitimate software, My Web Search and Search.US.com will damage the browser even after being removed. After they have been attached as tool bars - the browser then has to be replaced or you cannot attach photos here at the blog.

12-29-2012, 13:13
I often down load free apps for my PC. As was stated, ALWAYS USE THE "CUSTOM" install option and deselect all the crap that they want to install. I had the Amazon toolbar sneak in to my Firefox browser. :( I used the "Tools", "Add-Ons" option to remove it. Before it uninstalled, a window popped up from Amazon asking me why I was removing the toolbar. :confused: I replied that I was an Amazon customer, but did not appreciate their app being installed without my permission. :mad: I told them that if they wanted me to continue being their customer, they should review their policy and not allow this type of intrusiveness on my PC. I prefer to think for myself. :-?

Check out: www.portableapps.com

They offer an incredible amount of free apps in a stable format that can be downloaded to a data stick. :) You can also download to a folder on your PC desktop. They offer several good anti-virus programs, defrag apps and a free registry cleaner. Again if you download the apps, use the "Custom" option. A few of the programs will install unwanted stuff if you use the "Express" option. :(

Wise Old Owl
12-30-2012, 16:48
I am already on the same page as you - Norton was in place and I wasn't installing the toolbar I pulled KML off a Pacific Coast Trail for Google Earth, I went back two days later after uninstalling Norton and Installed Trend Titanium Then got rid of the above programs that piggybacked after the KML. There is a small chance it slipped in while on another page, But I did not click on anything malicious. I went back to the history and found the page tried to do it again - Trend blocked it - but now I am stuck I have to replace Explorer IE 10

01-01-2013, 17:39
Not really hiking-related, but does anyone know of a website that has a good Windows 8 tutorial? :confused: I was given an Acer Aspire One netbook and the thing is driving me crazy! :eek: It has a mind of its' own and wants to do all the thinking for me! :mad: The desktop is nothing like Win XP, and is difficult to navigate.:o Stuff pops up that I don't even ask for! :-? HELP!!! Going bananas here!!! :banana:banana:banana:banana:banana:banana:banana: banana