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slow mind
10-19-2012, 21:50
Awareness is the first step to stop this


10-20-2012, 15:30
Stop what? i didn't see anything worth talking about.

slow mind
10-20-2012, 19:05
Thats the problem. Out of sight out of mind. look into to it a little further. When a dog gets abused it's nat. news.
Don't get me wrong ... I like a good dolphin steak as much as the next guy but this particular hunt/fish is one of the most blatent acts of cruelty out there. It's my duty as a member of Sea Sheapard to spread the word and awareness. It is extremely difficult to show the carnage in a live stream. The Japanese Govt. has laws in place to prevent that. However with only a few minutes of reasearch you will see... Imagine your friends doggy dragged by it's hind legs for several yards and then hacked at with a machete and only hacked at until it quits resisting. Then still alive mind you.... hauled off to be sliced into bite sized portions. There are better ways to get this food source from sea to table.

slow mind
10-20-2012, 19:07
Shoot i forgot to address you as "bro"....

10-20-2012, 20:27
Shoot i forgot to address you as "bro"....


10-20-2012, 23:35
I also have the same problem, thank you guys.