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12-26-2002, 15:41
Trying to workout resupply options between Hanover and Gorham. Looks pretty limited. I'm thinking of doing a maildrop in Glenncliff so I can pickup winter gear prior to hitting the Whites. That leaves 100 miles between Glencliff and Gorham (US Rt 2). I'm not real crazy about the thought of carrying a weeks worth of food up and over the Presidentals. What other options are there? How did others handle this section?

Lone Wolf
12-26-2002, 15:49
You can hitch to North Woodstock from Franconia Notch. Easy hitch. You can buy snacks and real cheap leftovers at the huts. You can get meals atop Mt. Washington. You can get meals at Pinkham notch.

Blue Jay
12-26-2002, 15:58
There is a little town near Lincoln NH whose name escapes me. It's just after Moosolakee (I know I butchered the spelling) or you can hitch in after the Lonesome Lake Hut. There is a great old AT historic hostel there, that I love. I'm not near my journals so I appear like a fool, actually I am one, but I do know where food is along the AT. If you can find Baltimore Jacks list of resupply you can't go wrong, although I have noticed he seems to stop only where there is firewater. Not that I'm complaining, that's why I like his list so much.

12-26-2002, 20:06
Take enough from Hanover to get you to Glencliff. In Glencliff you have three options, hitch to Warren to resupply, mail yourself a care pkg to the Glencliff PO, or buy some noodle dinners and pilfer the hiker box at the hostel in Glencliff for food to get you to North Woodstock. Buy in North Woodstock or Lincoln. You can buy snacks like fig newtons and snickers at the AMC huts so don't load up on snacks while in North Woodstock. Buy a hot meal and more snacks(hot dogs and chili) on the summit of Mt Washington. Buy a deli sandwich at Pinkham Notch and sign up for the AYCE dinner and breakfast. Pinkham has backpacker type foods and fuel to get you to Gorham.

Team GAK
12-27-2002, 09:03
After Hanover and before Gorham there's North Woodstock/Lincoln and GlenCliff. We stopped at GlenCliff for some snacks, but they did have facilities for hikers. There was also a phone and Post Office near by.

It was an esay hitch into North Woodstock after coming down Moosolakee or your other option is hitching after coming down the Kinsmans. North Woodstock has a food store, Post Office and resturants. Lincoln, about a mile further away, has the same, but also has some outfitters.

Mt Washingtom had a Post Office with a grumpy cleark in '01. Your should call ahead to make sure they are still taking boxes and to confirm the hours of operation. There's also a cafateria on top of the mountain.

Pinkham Notch has an AYCE resturant. Again I would call ahead to confirm the hours of operation. In '01 we had lunch there then tented near Carter Hut. The next day we hiked the Carters and Moriah in fog and rain, but we made it into Gorham by mid afternoon.

Good Luck.

12-27-2002, 09:09
Two things.

First, the AMC hostel in Crawford Notch at the site of the old Crawford House closed last spring. AMC is building the new "Highland Center" there. Scheduled to open in September 2003. Should be lodging there then, but don't know the details yet.

Second, also in Crawford Notch, last year many hikers hitched south to the commercial Dry River Campground and Store (beyond the state Dry River Campground).

So, in summary,

* Supermarket in Hanover,
* Maildrop at Glencliff
* Hitch into North Woodstock/Lincoln from Franconia Notch (supermarket)
* Hitch south to Dry River Campground Store.
* Maildrop at Pinkham.
* supermarket in Glencliff

In addition, there is work for stay offered at huts (not Pinkham).

12-27-2002, 09:43
* supermarket in Glencliff
There was not a supermarket in Glencliff in 2000. Just a hostel, PO, and a pay phone. Not much else. The hostel owner shuttled us into Warren, NH for pizza and snacks at a gas station (Sunoco?) mini-mart type place. The mini-mart had fresh fruit, which is always a bonus.

Have things changed?

Lone Wolf
12-27-2002, 10:01
*supermarket in HANOVER

12-28-2002, 09:00
I live in this section of the trail and agree with the post to date. Also, at Crawford North you can go about 1/2 west to a snack bar at some sort of state park. Also, a couple of years ago a met a few hikers at Crawford Notch and took them to an IGA type store near North Conway (about 8 mile trip). Snack bar on top of Mt. Washington is good for a couple of meals; also I have read where hostel/motel owners have shuttled people from Pinkam Notch to Gorham, and of course while there you can resupply. In my opinion the resupply options are a little harder in Maine since it is farther to towns and not as much traffic.;)

12-28-2002, 11:29
Hiker's Welcome (hostel) in Glencliff will shuttle you, typically between Glencliff and Franconia Notch.

Hiker's Paradise in Gorham will shuttle you all over the White Mountains. For those so inclined, it's easy to slack pack the entire White Mountains if you so desire.

12-28-2002, 11:31
Originally posted by TNJED
There was not a supermarket in Glencliff in 2000. Just a hostel, PO, and a pay phone. Not much else. The hostel owner shuttled us into Warren, NH for pizza and snacks at a gas station (Sunoco?) mini-mart type place. The mini-mart had fresh fruit, which is always a bonus.

Have things changed?

No, supermarket in Gorham. (Shaws's), on the Berlin Road, just north of Hikers' Paradise Hostel.

Sorry about that

12-28-2002, 12:23
I resupplied in Hanover at the now defunct Grand Union in 2000 (replaced by Shaws?). It was on the way out when I was there and the shelves were nearly barren. I could have kicked myself in the arse when I walked into the Food Co-Op on the way out of town, as I already bought about 4-5 days of crap in the supermarket. The Co-Op has a large varied selection of all kinds of stuff. Don't miss it on your way out of town, or load up at Shaws without first checking the Co-Op.

Jack Tarlin
12-28-2002, 17:56
The Grand Union in Hanover has been replaced by a good new supermarket called P&C Market; it's opened 7 days a week from 7AM to 9PM and is excellent for re-supply.

The Co-Op food store is a much nicer supermarket (especially for bulk items and natural food stuff) but it's kinda pricey.

There is also a large 24-hour convenience store (Foodstop) and a small general Store called Stinson's, on Allen St. downtown (across from EBA's pizzeria) which has snacks, as well as the best tobacco and beer selection on the entire trail.

Jack Tarlin
01-29-2003, 20:56
The P&C supermarket (formerly the Grand Union) on Main Street has just lost their lease and will be closing within a few days.

You can still shop at the excellent (tho pricey) Co-Op Supermarket, which is a few minutes NORTH of the downtown business district (just follow the Trail). There are also a couple of convenience stores.

I'll be providing a complete Hanover update within a few weeks, as soon as I get my hands on the 2003 Handbook and Companion, in order to make additions, corrections, etc. to these works. If anyone has any other questions about Hanover or the immediate area, feel free to run em by me, as living here puts me in a a fairly unique position to talk about the town and its features.