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10-22-2012, 16:06
Im a 48 year old male from Georgia and although I have some day hiking experience when I was younger (hiked half dome twice when I was in my mid 20's) I have caught the bug of wanting to start backpacking. I remember stories that my father told me when I was younger hiking in Yosemite and how exciting it was. I have read and watched videos about hiking AT and would love someday to complete the entire trip in sections. This new idea has come as a complete shock I think to my wife, and has gone from not understanding why anybody would want to spend weeks at a time in the woods, to slowly talking about getting into shape and sharing some of the experiences.

Im positive im not the only person who has gone through this and would like to hear of some of the experiences other had when they caught the "bug"...

Llama Legs
10-22-2012, 16:46
Biggest reason I love backpacking is the simplicity. Planning, prep, and logistics is fun and all - but the minute you step on the trail I feel like all the work is done. Getting away from job, technology, politics, and stress is what it's all about for me...

10-22-2012, 16:50
Welcome to my world of hiking. My wife is very supportive of me hiking with a group of friend for a few days or even a week at a time. She has been on the AT with me for as long as 3 days and nights. She understands why I want to hike. I am now 61 and have been section hiking the AT now for 3 yrs. I have a little over 300 miles hiked and if I can hold out hope to hike the whole thing some day section by section.

10-22-2012, 17:14
Southgaman48, welcome to WB. I caught the backpacking bug about 3 years ago. My wife and I had always been avid day hikers and car campers but we had a yearning for simplicity and adventure. Thus the idea of backpacking. At first my wife was lukewarm at best to the idea of loading up everything in a pack and hitting the trail. After a few trips she loves it as much as I do and we go at every opportunity. We plan to attempt a thru hike in 2015 after retirement. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and has such wonderful health benefits also. We have done the BMT and various sections of the AT so far and plan on doing a couple of hundred miles this summer with a couple of resupply stops to help us prepare for the big journey in a couple of years. As llama legs says,I also love the simplicity of it. Good luck to you and good hiking.

10-22-2012, 20:22
Trex...thanks for the reply...That is what i'm hoping for...the time my wife and I spent in Yosemite last year is something I think she will never forget...she loves to take pictures...so im hoping for the best of both worlds...she finding sights that you just dont get off the road way....although I dont see a thru hike coming..but I can see a week hike ..this is all new to me...I have been a bowler...a runner...running a few half-marathons...but..this has caught me by surprise....and I cant read and study enough about the subject.....ready to hit the trails!

10-25-2012, 20:21
Hello, my story sounds just like yours except I am a few days younger. I'm gonna plan a couple days on the AT in April. I have some buddies at work that are interested as well. Right now I am in the planning and making sure I have the gear stages. Good luck to you, see you around the site.