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05-15-2005, 21:05
OK, you are now home from a thru / long hike. Perhaps even years later. As opposed to before you left for the trail; What do you still apreciate more now that you are home?

I was going to put this as a poll, figured I wouldn't come up with enough choices or options.

My favorite thing, and I think it shall be so now for the rest of my life, is a hot shower. Even 2 years after my last long hike, & I took one yesterday, I still get a thrill from a hot shower.

I also enjoy more (in no particular order): My wife, electric lights, running water, clean clothes, microwave ovens, pillows.

Somewhat along this vien, I now like less / dislike more: TV, cars, crowds, pavement, being inside a building, airconditioning.


05-15-2005, 21:31
Going to pee in the middle of the night without stumbling out of a lean to or from under my tarp in the rain. I think of this every time I use my nice bathroom at home.

05-16-2005, 00:19
Not a thru-hiker, but I did go on a 4 month road/hiking trip last year...

I Love...
A nice clean toilet and hot shower
Ice Cubes, Fresh Meat & Veggies, Ice Cream
Air conditioning while sleeping
My Home Theater (For DVDs, I don't have cable or watch TV)
My Computer w/DSL

I Hate...
Working/Paying Rent and the daily grind of society... :(

05-16-2005, 00:40
my wife,my jeep,shower,kitchen,my computer:cool: neo

Moon Monster
05-16-2005, 10:29
Music. I'm a new and independent music addict. In these days of consolidated commercial radio, I can only satisfy my prediliction with the Internet. There are several nice public and indie radio stations that can be heard from the AT, but their signals are usually short lived as you move along the trail given that they're usually low powered.

05-16-2005, 13:09
Tables and chairs

05-16-2005, 13:31
My friends.

I have an awesome group of people here in town that I always miss when I am on my exteded treks.

Just Jeff
05-16-2005, 14:41
Tables and chairs


Crazy Larry #1
05-16-2005, 16:17
Hot showers, a real bed, making money.

I just mess the trail so much that I am anticipating my return soon. Right now I'm working on how to continue to make money while I am on the trail....


Tha Wookie
05-16-2005, 16:54
I always love coming back to my family and friends.

and the trees in my yard.

and the trail around the lake.

And my GUITAR!!!!

05-16-2005, 20:16
Well ...it wasn't a hike but we did just walk in the door after flying all day to get home from Trail Days. What I appreciate most about being home is being able to sit and talk quietly with my wife, BadAss Turtle, reflecting on how fortunate we are to have a little place of our own, to have both hiked the AT and to have met so many great people.

We no doubt have accumulated some pretty cool stuff over the years, especially backpacking gear, but all that is just a means to an end. It's the experiences and memories that have made us rich. Being home is where we have learned to appreciate that so much.

AT 2003

05-16-2005, 20:49
As stated above being able to shower daily and taking a hot soaking bath after being out on a chilly wet hike. Clean sheets, before I did my trek I would change my sheets weekly, now I find myself changing them about every 4 days and I also use the fabric softener sheets with a very strong smell( a good smell : ) that is )

My friends and family, we have our issue's like all families, but when I need them, they are always there.

Not that I don't miss the trail, I bought one of those cartoon t-shirts from the ATC that say's they hiked the trail years and have not shut up about since, I gave it a niece who is 14 and said Amen! If I could I would back out tomorrow doing it again. I also miss my trail friends, and slow relaxing pace.

05-16-2005, 23:34
Something to lean my back upon besides the hard shelter wall it very enjoyable.

"ME & U"
05-17-2005, 09:05
absolutely nothing! I hike with my honey and she's everything to me so if you asked "US", we'd say adios forever! Damned money!!!