View Full Version : Gear for really tall hikers

05-15-2005, 22:40
I'm am of an above average height (a little over 6'7"). So far I have had a lot of trouble finding gear (specifically clothing) that comes in sizes for my height.

I'm getting tired of going to outfitters and finding longjohns, pants etc that are made with up to 50" waists but only up to 32" (sometimes 34") inseams (I need at leat 36" sometimes 38" inseam, and 34" waist), and don't even get me started on regular clothing stores, I've had to mail order pants for a long time.

So far I haven't had a lot of trouble finding sleeping bags (6'6" max is good enough), backpacks are fine as my torso length is normal, and I use a 3/4 (more like 5/8) length sleeping pad. What I need to get though are lightweight pants, which I can't seem to find in a size that wouldn't automatically gain me the trail name of "Floods."

Do any of you have the same problem? Where can I find gear that fits the tall hiker? Am I destined to have to buy 2 pair and sew them together?;)

05-15-2005, 23:22
I'm in almost as bad of a situation, 6'6" and 36" waist. After asking about sizing advice on BackpackingLight's forums I bought a montane featherlight jacket on sale, I'll let you know how it fits (and, by inference, whether montane's overall reputation for small sizes is for length or girth) when it gets here.

What are you doing for a pack? I have a relatively normal torso (21"), but I'm trying to find a frameless pack and learn to pack it. I'm currently trying a granite gear virga (large), and the virtual frame with at 20" pad suffers when the shoulder and load lifter straps are both above the top of the virtual frame (pack kind of folds there). Do you use a frameless pack, and if so, how?