View Full Version : St Thomas Episcopal Church - Vernon, NJ

Hammock Hanger
09-05-2002, 09:45
GREAT Place! It is a tad off the trail but the road is busy and you should be able to get a hitch. Also there is a trailhead there that is pretty busy on weekends, a good "yogi" aproach helps.

The hostel is actually the church's all purpose room. So at times you will be asked to sit wuietly over on one side, or join in, or you can leave and come back. It really isn't that much of a problem.

There is a washer & dryer, shower, kitchen, some random supplies to include gas, esbit, & alcohol. There is a hiker computer set up in the corner. The Pastor is a super nice guy. The lady responsible for the hostel is Emily, "Aimlessly" was her trail name when she thru-hiked 13 years ago. She met her husband while hitching thru Vernon.

All that they ask is the you leave a small donation and do one small chore, ie: $5. and sweep out the bathroom. Really not a big deal. I'm sad to say that once again the donation basket was empty and I was the only one to do a chore. (:( Fellow Hikers: Please do your part or we WILL lose these facilities. So many have already closed their doors.)

Hammock Hanger