View Full Version : piriformis muscle clipped???

10-28-2012, 14:27
Has anyone had the muscle clipped, and did it affect any motion? I'm in my 5th month of pain, and restricted movement. Excercize and soma not working. I did not get this from hiking, got it from inactive sitting in computer chair for an extended period of time while an injury healed. Bought a recliner, changed computer chair, bought heating pad, etc. I researched the piriformis forums, and am unwilling to have botox injected into my butt, or to have the injection of steroids some doctors suggest. After chemo, my immune system is compromised, and the shots sometimes cause infection, also they are discovered to be the source of over 300 cases of meningitis this year. I am desperate, and have located one of the few doctors nationwide that does the operation, 90 miles from my house. I realize that I've left myself open to jokes, but go ahead, make my day, it couldn't hurt any worse......Anna

Del Q
10-28-2012, 14:51
I feel for you, periformis syndrome is not fun, dealing with it now.

What works for me is yoga, massage, jacuzzi tub and icing, and doing the periformis stretch on both legs, for 30-45 seconds per leg, do each leg 2x before even thinking about standing up. Same in the morning before walking.

Getting it clipped? Have not heard of this before.

10-28-2012, 15:02
Like Del Q, I feel your pain.

I had a bout with it a few years ago, along with a snapping/popping sensation in my hip, but it unexplainably got better over time. The popping sensation persist but stretching and a round or two of steroids gave me great relief.

Good luck with finding some relief.

Del Q
10-28-2012, 20:00
Wow SloHiker...........I have that "popping" too.

This getting old thing has its downside, we are about the same age.

I need to be a LOT MORE DILLIGENT stretching even when I am not in pain.

Love working out, have lost a lot of weight, could easily drop another 10-20 lbs. Stretching is mission critical.

10-29-2012, 11:22
Link to stretches?