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12-26-2002, 21:18
Being a newcomer here i've been playing catch-up..reading past posts and following threads. I've seen a lot on the Hennessey Hammock. I thought....yeah..RIGHT! A hammock, pad, sleeping bag, AND a good nights rest. NO WAY! Well......Judge not least ye be judged (or something along those lines) ~grin~. So I checked out their website..and guess what? I made a fool out of me!! Very impressed. Called Hennessey and talked a long while with ?Tom?. He was helpful ALMOST to the point of excess.
To make a long story short..YES I hear your GROANS ~S~..Tom said if he didn't have exactly what you wanted/needed he would be glad to mix-n-match. Bet you won't hear THAT from other mfg's!!
Anyone having comments on HH please direct them my way also.

12-26-2002, 21:30
Write my cuz Hammock Hanger. She attached at the hip with Tom.

She can tell whatever you want. She also has one for sale.

12-30-2002, 10:48
I just think it's cool that when you talk to Tom, you are talking with Tom Hennessy, not just some CS lame brain.

01-03-2003, 20:50
What do all you hammock users do with your pack at night to protect it from the weather and sticky-fingered two-legged predators?

Hammock Hanger
01-03-2003, 21:58
I normally put my pack cover on it and stick it in the crevice of a tree. Occasionally I've just leaned it up against the tree or put it on top of my shoes under the hammock. I had one night when "something" chewed a pack strap when it was resting next to a tree. I have never thought of or had trouble with a person taking my pack while I slept. Once when it was stuck in the crevice of a tree a bear came into my campsite, twice. He sniff at it and let it be. Checked me out and turned to disappear down the trail. Hammock Hanger

Wander Yonder
01-04-2003, 01:04
When I have camped in my hammock (Clark) I have gathered up 3 long sticks off the ground, tied them together near the top to make a tripod, then hung my pack from one stick and propped my shoes upside down on the other two sticks. That keeps them up off the ground and under the shelter of my tarp.

I don't know if this will work on the trail, as I imagine it might be hard to find suitable sticks every night.

01-04-2003, 12:11
I've only been hiking with a hammock (Hennessey) now for a year and a half and don't have near the experience of some, but I generally use a pack cover and put it beneath the hammock. I cover my boots with my gaiters and then lean my backpack over on my boots. That keeps varmits and rain out of my pack and boots. I place that whole heap of stuff under the head end of the hammock so that I don't tangle with it in the event that nature calls during the night. Unless there is a really heavy wind the hammock fly tends to keep everything pretty well protected.
As far as being concerned about someone walking off with my gear goes ...I really have never worried much. In my experience, the last thing most hikers want it something else to carry. If on the other hand, someone comes out on the trail specifically to liberate other hikers' gear, then it wouldn't really matter where my backpack was placed at night.
Just my .02

01-05-2003, 13:33
Sky king

I also stick my pack under my hammock, when I was first trying to figure out the knot I would occasionaly wake up sitting on my pack!
Trail theivery is generally done in town by non-hikers. The lovely acoustics of having a tarp over your head, and subsequently over your pack, will probably alert you to pack riflers anyhow.