View Full Version : Public Transportation in PenMar area?

Greatful Ed
05-16-2005, 20:14
Any shuttles or public transportation in or near the PenMar aera, Waynesboro,or Caledonia State Park?

05-24-2005, 08:38
A couple of years back my wife and I ended our section hike at Pen Mar because I was sick and just couldn't go on any more. We walked over to the park maintenance building and asked a worker if there was any way to get into town. He told us that he knew a fellow that often shuttled hikers into Waynesboro, PA and then made the call for us. I don't have name or # for him but maybe you could call the park and find out the info.

Also in PA we've used Michael Gelinas. His info from the ATC site is

Michael Gelinas, Harmony Hall School House, Boiling Springs, PA

(717) 249-3718


As far north or south as hikers need.

There's also a taxi company in Waynesboro but I don't have that info here at work.