View Full Version : Camping pas Hogback Ridge shelter

Stir Fry
11-02-2012, 20:46
I'm hiking from Sams Gap to Hot Springs starting on the 8th November. Are there any good camping spots 3-4 miles past Hogback Ridge Shelter. Just seems that it to short a day to hike from Sams Gap to Hodgback Ridge Shelter. I see a capsite at Big flats but not much more for some distance. Is there anything not in the guid book. I wont be dropped of untill about noon the 8th.

Tennessee Viking
11-02-2012, 21:44
There are some nice spots around Frozen Knob with a view of Big Bald and then at Sugarloaf Gap. You can also figure out where some old roads run. There is a large flat spot at the bottom but its too close to houses and the roads.

Gray Blazer
11-02-2012, 22:22
Morning view from Frozen Knob campsite. You can see Big Bald, Little Bald, No Business Knob, Beauty Spot, Unaka and Roan.


Train Wreck
11-02-2012, 23:09
That's a beautiful photo

Stir Fry
11-03-2012, 05:53
I'm using the AT guide and it does not have Frozen Knob or does it also go by Big Flat?

The Cleaner
11-03-2012, 08:55
Big Flat is still there it will be on your left down off the trail a few feet.Saw 4 wheelers coming up through the area when I was there a few years ago.There is also water there but it may not be marked...

Stir Fry
11-03-2012, 11:40
So any directions to Frozen Knob. Looks like it will be a nice place to camp.

Stir Fry
11-03-2012, 21:00
Help a brother out on geting to Frozen Knob.

The Cleaner
11-04-2012, 08:29
Hiking south I think you go just below the actual summit of Frozen Knob off to your left.Anyway it will be windy&no water there.Just a little farther as you go down towards Sugarloaf Gap there is a spring on the left of the trail.Good (and last) campsite at Sugarloaf gap just before the descent starts to Boone Cove Rd.....I think Frozen Knob is the highest point between Rice Gap and Sugarloaf Gap.....