View Full Version : Hikers from Texas?

11-04-2012, 01:52
I would like to contact anyone from Texas who has hiked the AT and or plans to hike the AT in 2013. I have some health issue that I feel would keep me from hiking alone. I know that I will not be alone very much on the trail but I would like to have someone to hike with.

I am 77 years old and have COPD. I feel that will not be a very big problem after a while on the trail and I get use to climbing the mountains. I will have to start slow and build up to hiking longer distances each day I know that it is a no no but I need carry a cell phone for the security it provides me in case it is needed.

I would like to have someone to hike with for the same reason. We would not need hike together every minute of the day but meet at the same place at night.

If there is anyone out there male or female or both that would like to try it please get in ouch with me at tomman1@verizon.net.

I am in the Dallas area, in fact in Garland Texas.