View Full Version : On a budget food for my thru SOBO?

11-06-2012, 15:05
I am going SOBO in July 2013 and need to keep my food budget on the cheap. Plan to supply on the go. How much should I put aside for each day and what is good, cheap and readily available down the whole trail? I am trying to keep my purchase food budget to $2500 or less for the entire thru (not including any resteraunt meals).

kayak karl
11-06-2012, 15:16
$17 per day for 5 months. you'll be fine. others on here say they are going to do it for $1000. looks like you have a more reasonable budget :)

11-06-2012, 15:29
Thatīs good to know. I plan with around 20-23$ per day on a 6-7 month trip, at the moment the exchange rate are on my favor :)

Feral Bill
11-06-2012, 15:41
Go to your nearest grocery. Walk around looking for foods with lots of nutrition, easy preparation, light weight and good keeping qualities. Try the ones that appeal to you at home and on some weekend trips. Excepting specialty foods, you should be able to find equivalent foods along the way. Think hard cheese, Knoor Sides, Dry potatoes, dried fruits, pasta, hard dry sausages (pepperoni etc), oat meal, bagels, and dried soups. No need for special freeze dried camping dinners.

11-10-2012, 01:10
I just finished a SOBO and not including meals in towns, I spent between 10-15$ a day on food. Just getting exactly what Feral was talking about from grocery stores/gas stations/whatever was there. This food included lots of protien bars and stuff like that, only times I went hungry was because I messed up a resupply.

Mr Breeze
11-11-2012, 23:27
You should be fine with that budget. $2500 was what i spent in total on my thru this year, and that included a few stops at hostels to get a shower and do laundry.