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11-12-2012, 14:48
I'm looking at taking my 7yo on her 1st overnight hike. Anyone have suggestions as to what is a good section that will pass through a campground? I'm looking at maybe the Falls Lake area or near the Eno. I'd like to stay within 2 hours of Durham.

Tennessee Viking
11-12-2012, 22:24
I am a maintainer at Falls Lake. You can reach most, if not all, of the trail around Falls Lake under an hour drive from Durham along the NC 98 corridor.

For your situation, you basically only have 2 Army Corp campgrounds along the trail to pick from. Rolling View off of NC 98 near Durham, and Shinleaf in North Raleigh in between NC 50 and NC 98. So it really depends on how far your kid can walk and when you want to walk it. Adult hikers can usually manage 20 or more miles a day around Falls Lake.

Right now its hunting season, so dress in a lot of orange blaze. But it is the best time to walk the sections west of NC50; weeds are not bad. During the summer, the weeds along the western sections tend grow very fast and become tick infested. East of NC 50 is usually more manageable to walk any time of the year as weeds are not as much of a problem. But you will still find ticks.

The western sections do hold a lot of newly built trail with several scenic areas. Ponds, Little Lick Bridge, old cabin sites, bluffs but it can be a little bit more rugid with longer stretches between roads...The eastern is a little more visited and not as isolated as it runs behind neighborhoods, houses and roads.

The Eno River sections are great but they are not totally connected with the Falls Lake sections just yet. A plan for camping for the MST is still in the works.

Scot Ward (thru-hiker.us) has a trail guide out with info for local support for shuttles. And artshikingmaps.info has great trail maps of Falls Lake.

If you are wanting to do a small hike each day. I would suggest walking in the blue blaze road at Jimmy/Little Rogers Roads. And walk the trail to Rolling View. Camp. Then walk out to NC 98. Or Upper Barton Boat Ramp or NC98 (eastern) to Shinleaf. Camp. Then out to NC 50.

11-13-2012, 10:36
Thanks for the info. I'm starting to look a bit more of the section at Hanging Rock SP. I want to hike 5-7 miles per day, and the loops at HR look like a good alternative.

Tennessee Viking
11-13-2012, 16:13
If you want some open camping possibilities. You can look into the Pisgah sections around the Foothill backcountry NC 181 to Roseborough. Lots of waterfalls and creek crossings. There are some moderate climbs but as long as you don't venture up to Beacon Heights it shouldn't be too hard. And camp anywhere you want; with no NPS or NC Park regulations.

But if you want more jumpoffs, check the parallel Parkway trail around Blowing Rock/Boone northward. You can pretty much stay close to roads and the parkway and jump off. But here, you are sacrificing camping opps. The grades are a bit more rolling with more gradual climbs. And you will criss-cross the Parkway several times.

The Croatan during the winter will also be a good look. This part of the MST has very little elevation change.

11-15-2012, 21:55
Don't forget the Neusiok Trail. Its also part of the MST trail.

www.neusioktrail.org (http://www.neusioktrail.org)

11-15-2012, 22:40
just be careful where you park....i got yanked off the brp by nps. not a good feeling to hike back to a car that isn't there. actually filed a tort claim against the us gov't bc of it since there were no signs and all literature handed out on the brp says nada about parking overnight(s). my claim was denied, alas alas.