View Full Version : Looking for 2013 thru-hikers to interview for podcast

11-12-2012, 22:07
I recently started a podcast on the Appalahian Trail because I have a passion for both the outdoors and radio. I have a few interviews up right now on my site, two of which are with current 2012 Sobo hikers. You can check them out at http://www.atradioshow.com/ (can also save as to listen on portable device) What I am planning to do for the 2013 season is choose between 3-5 people who are attempting a thru-hike and interview them every 2-3 weeks beginning in the planning phase and going until the completion or drop out. If you are planning to keep a journal or blog this would be a great way to draw attention to it. If you are interested please go to the contact page on the site linked above and either email or call us. If you email us please include a little info like age, sex, trail name, (if applicable) hiking direction, start date, and anything else you feel important. I just ask for this info because we want to include a variety of hikers (male and female, Nobo and Sobo, etc.)