View Full Version : Steripen Adventurer with Gatoraid Bottle

11-14-2012, 12:33
I have one of the newer steri pen adventurer models and i just got back from a trip this weekend where I learned that the thing doesnt fit into a gatoraid bottle (unless it is completely brimming). Does any one have any clever suggestions on for remedies, or do I just need to carry a heavier widemouthed nalgene for use with the steri pen?


11-14-2012, 13:29
The larger Steripen is easier to use with narrow mouth bottles such as standard soda size as the steripen can 'seal' it and the bottle can be turned upsidedown on top of it.

But in general for any narrow bottle the thing you need to do is fill it as much as you can and also squeeze the bottle to increase the water level if needed.

11-14-2012, 16:02
I treat my water in my cooking pot, then I can pour it into any bottle or bladder I have, and don't need to carry a specific bottel to suit my Steripen. I'm also confident that I'm getting a good exposure to all the water by stirring it in the pot. I usually treat a liter for the bottle and drink one right there.