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Pedaling Fool
11-14-2012, 14:17
I've always bought cheap shoes to run in and they were always multi-use shoes, i.e. I also used them for just going out and about. But as I've gotten more into running I've decided that my running shoes will only be used for running, that way I could monitor the thread wear to see how my feet were landing. However, the problem is that a lot of times my soles fall off before they wear out, my current shoes, which are my first dedicated running shoes have a lateral split across the sole, about where the ball of the foot is.

These shoes are less than a year old, but I don't know how many miles are on them. I'm curious if any runners track the number of miles they put on their shoes and know about how long they last?

I'm wondering this, because I'm curious if it would be cost effective to buy an expensive pair of running shoes or just keep buying the cheapos that I've always bought.

BTW, this is basically what I have now; I'm still running in them, because the split across the sole doesn't seem to effect my running. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MENS-TREDZ-RUNNING-SHOES-SIZE-7-NWOT-/160896383472?_trksid=p2047675.m1850&_trkparms=aid%3D222002%26algo%3DSIC.FIT%26ao%3D1%2 6asc%3D48%26meid%3D3459085889016296683%26pid%3D100 011%26prg%3D1035%26rk%3D2%26sd%3D160891883019%26

I've even, once in a while, run in my "retired" running shoes, which have completely lost the tread (came unglued and fell off) and they seem fine to run in, so maybe I need to rethink when I retire my shoes.

P.S. I run mostly on pavement (always barefoot on the beach), but I think if I were to run on trails I'd see the same problems, since it mostly has nothing to do with tread wear.

11-14-2012, 14:52
I have dedicated trail running/hiking shoes and dedicated road running shoes. When I retire my trail runners I switch them to everyday mode because while they may have lost support they are perfectly fine for wearing around town. Over the past two years I have gone through about ten pairs of laSportiva Wildcats, Salomon XA pro and my current favorite, Brooks Cascadias. I generally get about 500 miles before I retire them though I haven't tracked the mileage other than the 5 pairs I wore on my thru hike.

11-14-2012, 15:19
If you hang out on running websites, you'll find that the rule of thumb is that running shoes last about 350 miles. I tend to get rid of mine around 300 miles, but I like a lot of cushioning, so I'm extra sensitive to the loss of cushioning over time.

But here's the bigger issue: do you have injuries or aches and pains from running your old, cheap shoes? If not, then there's probably no reason to switch what you're doing. If you're having a bunch of injuries or you tend to notice more problems as your shoes get older, then maybe think about switching or replacing your shoes more often. I can always tell when my shoes are too worn because I start to get shin splints. A new pair almost always clears it up for me.

And, yes, I have dedicated trail runners (for hiking), regular running shoes, and town shoes (which are just old running shoes). I almost never wear my hiking or running shoes for other activities. I don't track my running shoe mileage, but I know about how much I run each month, so I know when it's time to get new shoes.

max patch
11-14-2012, 15:23
I keep an annual excel spreadsheet of weekly hiking miles and weekly running miles. I also keep of record of miles per shoe.

At 500 miles I inspect and evaluate my running shoes. Occasionally they are worn out by this point, but they almost always still have some life left in them. If they make it to 600 miles (maximum - no exceptions) I convert them at that point to hiking use until they are obviously worn out.

I started doing this to protect my knees and help avoid PF. The biggest advantage, however, is having an annual spreadsheet updated weekly is that it motivates me to exercise on days I may not want to.

John B
11-14-2012, 15:42
I switch out every 250-300 miles, but I'm a heavy heel striker and the shoes get out of balance/worn down in that area pretty fast. I log each and every run on the Runners World website log, which is free, and it allows you to enter the shoes worn, etc. so that it literally tracks the exact miles on the shoes. I have chronic foot, ankle, knee issues, so I never skimp on shoes -- currently I have 6 active pairs of Brooks Adrenaline 11 and 12, and New Balance 2061s.

Pedaling Fool
11-14-2012, 17:11
Wow! I was expecting a higher mileage from an expensive pair a shoes. But on the flip side it sounds like most of you don't really determine continued serviceability of your shoes based on tread wear. I guess that's just my cycing mindset creeping in, but in reality (now that I think about it) I've never had a pair of shoes I've had to throw out because of tread wear, they always seem to just fall apart.

I've never thought about support or cushioning, like I said I buy very cheap shoes, anywhere from 10 - 20 bucks, so I imagine that cushioning in those shoes are no where near the expensive shoes and I've never felt any pain from running, other than normal pains and nowadays hardly no pain, so maybe I'll just keep buying the cheap ones.

I'm really interested now in tracking my miles run per year, seems like I could easily go thru two pairs of shoes at 500 miles per pair. Maybe I'll buy an expensive pair once just to see how they last compared to the cheapoes I've been buying.

Thanks Y'all

11-14-2012, 20:42
I tend to go through my running shoes in between 250-300 miles. It is rarely that the uppers or the outsoles are worn out. What happens is that the midsole is crushed and does not provide the needed cushioning anymore. After they are retired from running, I use them for everyday walking around and yard work. My trail runners that I use for hiking last longer since I don't have the same pounding when I am walking in the woods. My current shoes are New Balance for both. I am on my 26th pair of 763s for running and my second pair of 910s for the trail.

11-14-2012, 22:07
i have found the internal structure breaks down much faster than the tread or upper. I have many retired shoes that look almost new. That is why I always get a kick out of folks sells used hiking shoes. I suspect many of them while looking like they have life left will be worn out.

11-15-2012, 12:30
I run around 2000 miles a year.

Road shoes last me about 300-500 miles per pair.
Trail shoes last me until they fall apart or get really old. (Montrail Mountain Masochists. Currently I own 4 pairs. Love them.)

I get injured if I don't replace my road shoes and continue to run in them after the cushioning breaks down.

I label my shoes and keep track of them in a program called SportTracks, which also keeps tracks of my miles. You can download it for free.

11-15-2012, 16:05
Brooks Adrenaline here.. Started wearing them when they were GTS 3 and they are up to GTS 12 now.

300 miles a pair, 1 pair a month, $1200 a year. :)

Pedaling Fool
11-15-2012, 17:00
I did check out a runnersworld forum and pretty much saw the same answers I saw here. Some even say that they can feel a funny sensation in the knees or other leg parts as their shoes wear down -- I don't get that. I'm really thinking of buying these shoes (expensive pair) just to see if it feels any different, but I think I'll go through at least on more cheap pair first and that's after I'm done with my current pair; they still have a little life left in them despite having that split across the sole. http://forums.runnersworld.com/forums/runner-communities/marathoners/many-miles-typically-out-of-shoes?plckForumPostOnPage=1

Check out this crazy dude, but looks like he saves on shoe money http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSIDRHUWlVo&feature=related

11-15-2012, 18:04
John, you'll know immediately when you find the right pair of shoes.

Find a running shoe store that has a machine that will point you to what kind of shoes you need - stability neutral etc. Then worry about the brand.

11-16-2012, 11:01
I hang out on the forums at Runner's World under a different name. I have wayyyyyyy too many posts there. Feel free to come visit.

As long as you're not running injury woes, still with what works. How much are you running any given week?

Pedaling Fool
11-17-2012, 12:24
How much are you running any given week?Itís kind of hard to say. Iím a late bloomer; I got started running around the end of 2006. And to complicate things Iíve been very sick over the entire summer. I have no idea what I had, but it kind of looks like shingles (I only know that because of commercials Iíve seen), fortunately I think Iím finally getting over it. It was so bad that I couldnít run and even when I cycled I wasnít doing that great, even had times in which my arms would start shaking uncontrollably from total fatigue. I just started back running a couple weeks ago, and did 5 miles for my first run since my illness. Felt really good, but my legs were really sore for the next couple days, but feeling really good now.

In the past, Iíve tried logging my runs, but always gave up, but usually I run between 7-10 miles and do that a few times a week. Iíve started logging my runs since opening this thread (again:o), so Iíll be able to better answer in a month or two. BTW, I donít even time my runs, but I think Iím going to buy a watch and start tracking time as well.

I'm planning on running in a local run this March (Gate River Run), it's only a 15k, but hoping that'll keep me motivated to keep track of my runs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdLkd-OJB3M