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11-27-2012, 15:24
Ok me and a friend are planning a thru-hike for 2014 of the trail, and are planning on getting all gear by this summer and doing a week or 2 gear check first. Now I know lots of people just pitch tarps cause obviously weight is a huge issure but can I get away with taking an actual tent/bug net? One of my main concerns is ticks being a problem with certain desieses and some area's have poiseness snakes in the area. It's just one of those things where i'd be able to sleep easier if i knew a snake could wiggle through the corner of my tarp and pose a problem. Can I get some input/opinions on this since i'm currently a noob to planning a trip of this magnitude. Right now I'm looking a REI bug hut 2 person hut weight 2lbs 14 oz (most likely the 2 of us would switch off carrying it). If i'm posting this is the wrong section i'll move it as well since i wasnt sure where this should really go

11-27-2012, 16:25
There are many options that are light weight and bug proof, just not many available at REI. On here there is a list of cottage manufacturers who make good shelters. Tarptent happens to be what I got, but look around here and you will find a lot of good suggestions.


11-27-2012, 16:45
Thanks I will check that site out right after work lol. Also thought about checking into hammocks

11-27-2012, 16:54
One thing you should also consider is the personal space aspect of having your own tents. I am fine sharing for a few days, but for any extended amount of time it will get old. Also since this is a friend and is not family there is also the need for flexibility in case you end up splitting up.

11-27-2012, 17:51
Good point but more than likely we won't split. Neither of us really wanna do I t alone lol if personal space did become an issue could always order another tent on the trail and have other shipped and pick up somewhere. But finding a. 1 person light weight option may be what I do

11-27-2012, 18:00
From experience with try to share a tent with my buddy... we lasted a week then switched to two separate tents. You with this person all the time, its nice to have personal space at the end of the day. You can find some pretty lightweight solo options.

11-27-2012, 18:33
Check out MLD, I you want cuben buy a Zpacks hexamid for two. You can get complete bug protection and rain for well under 1 pound including stakes and guylines.

+1 on not sharing, unless your friend is of the opposite sex.

11-27-2012, 20:00
Yea, didnt exactly wanna come off as gay -.- lol, just trying to think as weight concious as possible, I'll check into those tents for under a pound, thats actually LIGHTER than that 2 person bug net

grateful 2
11-27-2012, 20:06
+++1 on zpacks.com hexamid cuben tent. Worth the money.

Odd Man Out
11-27-2012, 20:08
Here's the most recent list of cottage manufacturers for finding UL tents, etc...