View Full Version : Lining of Jacket Cracking?

11-29-2012, 20:48
Does anyone know what causes this "cracking" in the lining of jackets? I have had a Mountain Hardwear and a Northface jacket do the same thing. It always happens around the hood. The picture is of a Northface jacket that I have only worn a half dozen times. It has never been washed or dried.

Am I doing something wrong?



11-29-2012, 21:34
Just a thought: were you carrying a pack while you were wearing it? Because it looks as if something (possibly with rough edges) was putting pressure on it.

11-29-2012, 22:09
Hi Melanie,

Thanks for your reply. I have not worn it while wearing my pack, only running around town while it was raining.

When I do pack it, I roll it up and stuff it in an open space. Maybe this has something to do with it, or maybe it is just the quality of the material.


11-29-2012, 22:40
Looks like the same material in Patagonia's Torrent shell. Mine is cracking about the collar as well.
It has seen a few miles, but seems to be wearing pre-maturely.
It's still the best jacket I've ever bought.

Don H
11-30-2012, 08:27
I don't know about Patagonia or Mountain Hardwear but North Face was real good about repairing a pair of their Paramount Convertible pants for me.
Contact the companies and see if they will cover these items under warranty.

11-30-2012, 10:55
Thank you for all your replies. I will contact North Face and see what they say.

Thanks again.

01-08-2013, 16:57
hmm could be UV degradation but it doesn't seem like you had it exposed to the sun either. Delamination is kind of a natural process when it comes to coats outdoor fabrics, but I'm a but surprised that your's did it so quickly. It generally takes a couple of years before the coatings break down on their own. They should definitely warranty this given it's little use.

01-08-2013, 17:07
I have a Patagonia jacket doing the same thing around the neck of the hood. I figured it was a common problem with coated fabrics. The hood gets flexed a lot, so makes sense that's where it would start to de-laminate.

I finally bit the bullet and bought a gortex jacket shell (on sale) which doesn't have the delaminating problem and actually breaths a lot better.

Chaco Taco
01-12-2013, 21:51
seam seal it or some sort of sealent.