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12-01-2012, 15:49
Through the summer several people have mentioned they were considering an Elemental Horizons pack.

That said, are there any new reviews of these packs?


12-01-2012, 22:42
Sgt Rock did review on the Kalais.

Odd Man Out
12-01-2012, 23:07
His video is on the ED web page. It's on my Christmas list too.


12-02-2012, 04:42
I did a search and found this one done last March. I didn't see any reviews done recently.

12-02-2012, 06:58
I have the Kalias In Dig Camo XL torso. This was 1st XL size he made. He now offers XL torso and XL hip belt. I'm 6'5" 240 for info. I also have a McHale who I think makes the best packs. I wanted something smaller and about 2 1/2 lbs. It Is a great pack and I will end up using It most of the time. The hip belt works great with the frame and I love the h/ pockets. Ron

12-02-2012, 17:07
The Kalais is now my only pack after I put my old GoLite Pinnacle out to pasture at the end of this summer. The only overnighter I've taken it on was for 3 days, so it hasn't had a full load in it (couldn't have been more than 20lb). But it felt fantastic then, and any other time I've messed around with it at home.

The hipbelt is absolutely the best part about the pack IMO. It has four straps and when you use all of them it feels like the thing is glued to your body, completely flush and comfortable. The internal sleeping pad compartment is built for a Z-lite (which I use already ... one of the reasons I bought the pack) and I found it very comfortable to use that as the frame. I didn't get the aluminum stay (although Matthew e-mailed me a few minutes after I placed my order to make sure that wasn't an accident), but SGT Rock and this guy (http://southwestultralight.blogspot.com/2012/03/first-impressions-elemental-horizons.html) really like it, and I might order it separately in the future to help with bigger loads, like waterless or bear canister areas out West.

The side mesh pockets are easy to reach while walking, and I ordered the large hipbelt pockets, which are ginormous, which I like. The only thing that I wish were different about the pack is for the sternum strap buckle to double as a whistle. In short, I really like the Kalais, I've found it extremely comfortable so far, and I plan on using it for all kinds of adventures, up to and including a thru-hike, in the future.

12-02-2012, 17:14
Thanks for your feedback everyone, especially Scrub Hiker and Big Tiger. Those are exactly the type of user reviews I am hoping to find.

Keep them coming EH users!!