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Stray Cat
05-24-2005, 18:11
:datz Here is the complete lowdown on the new hiker hostel in the Hanover, NH area. There seems to be some confusion as to the price and location. I apologize for that. The ‘AT Hillton’ is located at 365 Choate Rd., Canaan, NH 03741. Phone # 603-252-8295 or 603-632-1052. Unfortunately, we are 16 miles from Hanover but it is here for the hikers when there is no other option. It is my hope that everyone can find what they need in Hanover but if not, the ‘AT Hillton’ is here for them. Here are the motels and rates in Hanover. I have spoken with the proprietors and have gotten their rates. Sunset Motor Inn (1mile from downtown Hanover) $60 to $75 per night. Chieftain Inn (2 miles from downtown Hanover) $90 per night and up. Hanover Inn (in town) $255 to $300 per night. There are motels in White River Junction, VT and Lebanon, NH but it requires a cab ride ($10 to $15). The ‘Hillton’ rates are as follows. Keep in mind that the rates include a shuttle from and return to the Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC). The shuttle makes up the majority of the cost. If there is only 1 person, the price with shuttle is $45 (I agree that is high). For 2 or more, the cost for a nights stay is $20 each, plus the round trip shuttle price of $35 but the shuttle cost can be split between up to 4 people. IT IS NOT $35 per person, but per shuttle. So, for example, if 4 people use the shuttle for a night at the ‘AT Hillton’, the per person cost would be $28.75(shuttle $35 + $80 divided by 4). The accommodations are in the loft of our barn and is a bunkhouse arrangement. It is clean and quiet and my wife and I are very welcoming. We have real beds with linens and a hot shower with towels (included). There is a TV, radio, taped movies, BBQ grill, microwave and refrigerator. I am also offering shuttles to town to movie theatres, post office, grocery store and laundry and health club with pool and hot tub. This shuttle would be an extra charge so I am recommending that everyone do what he or she wants to do before coming to the ‘Hillton’ but I am glad to shuttle folks wherever they want to go. I will have pizzas, soft drinks, some supplies and gear and there is parking for $3 a day or less by the week. I will be picking up at the Dartmouth Outing Club at 10AM and 4PM daily but by reservation, which can be made same day. In other words, the shuttle will only run if there is a reservation and will not automatically be there at these times. A shuttle to/from the ‘AT Hillton’ is also available from any other point along the trail. For more info, give us a call or email [email protected] ([email protected]) I hope this clarifies things a bit for everyone. My wife and I wish all the hikers Godspeed.
Stray Kat