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shades of blue
05-26-2005, 09:26
I'm leaving for Pennsylvania tomorrow to hike north until late August. Thanks for the help, and giving me my trail fix until I can get the real thing. Peace folks!
Shades of Blue

05-26-2005, 09:40
Jealous with envy. Enjoy the trip shadesofblue!

Crazy Larry #1
05-26-2005, 11:52
watch them rocks!

05-26-2005, 12:38
have a great hike,the pa rocks are way overated,kinda reminds me of hiking in the south cumberlands in tennessee.:cool: neo

05-26-2005, 13:06
Be sure to say hi to Ridgerunner Alex when you pass thru new jersey. That's me! Have fun

shades of blue
05-26-2005, 13:30
Cool A-Train
Can't wait to meet you! Is there a section of the trail in NJ you frequent more (so I can keep my eye open for you)?