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05-26-2005, 12:01
Hello all!

Well, thanks to the wealth of information on this site, I believe my wife and I are off on our first week long backpacking trip together! We did one weekend shakedown hike which went very well, but she's still a little nervous of the "real thing"! We're planning on taking easy days for our first go at this so we can be sure to enjoy thins!

Here's the scoop. Shenandoah National Park from May 29th - June 4th.

Itinerary is as follows and where I need a little advise.

Sunday (5/29)
- Drive from Binghamton NY area to 4H Center in near Front Royal.
- Hike ~1 mile from 4H Center to Tom Floyd's Wayside (arrive around 5pm)

Monday (5/30)
- Hike from Tom Floyd Wayside to Gravel Springs Hut via the Mt. Marshall Trail and the Bluff Trail (~12.05 miles)

Tuesday (5/31)
- Hike from Gravel Springs Hut to Mathews Arm / Elkwallow (~5 miles)
- Adventure around Mathews Arm / Elkwallow in the afternoon (? miles)

Wednesday (6/1)
- Hike from Mathews Arm / Elkwallow out to junction of Jeremy's Run trail and the Neighbor Mtn. Trail. Camp somewhere around here (~7.5 miles)

Thursday (6/2)
- Hike from campsite to Pass Mt. Hut via Neighbor Mt. Trail (~9 miles)

Friday (6/3)
- Hike from Pass Mt. Hut to Gravel Prints hut via AT (~13 miles)

Sat (6/4)
- Hike from Gravel Springs hut to Tom Floyd Wayside via AT (~10.5 miles)

Sunday (6/5)
- Hike ~1 mile to car at 4H center and drive back to Binghamton, NY

As you can see, we're going to take side trails south and hike the AT north. We heard the Three Sisters area is beautiful, so that's why we included it.

Now for the final planning questions:

What's tha camping situation near Mathews Arm / Elkwallow? Is this a pay to use site?

Is there any camping near the junction of Neighbor Mt. Trail and Jeremy's Run trail? On the map, it looks like a nice valley area with a stream. Looks nice on the map but is it practical?

Thanks for all the help! We're so excited!!!:banana


Red Hat
05-26-2005, 17:14
You might want to recrunch those miles so you can be in Waynesboro on June 4th for the Fest. $5 barbeque and lots of fun for hikers. This is the second year. You'll be sorry if you miss it!

05-27-2005, 10:23
Backcountry rules at SNP states you must be out of view of the trail when camping. This time of year that is pretty easy to do. I grew up near Front Royal and always was able to find a decent spot off the trail for camping. If the topo's show a good area I would "run with it". Your wife and you will love it!

05-27-2005, 10:28
Thanks for the info TN_Hiker! I figured it wouldn't be too hard, but my wife is new to this and very nervous of camping away from standard campgrounds. She loves the solitude but is worried about safety.

Thanks so much!

OldKathy: I was unaware of the BBQ! Perhaps we'll have to swing by!

Thanks all!

Leaving in less than 48 hours (not that I'm counting down or anything!)