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05-26-2005, 15:26
Are they a natural response? Does everyone have them? Do they mean anything special. I have been planning on a NB thru hike for the last year. Was supposed to start in Mar but a few things came up. Now, I am leaving the new job, and girl to do a flip flop from HF north then from HF south. I can not help but have doubts about my hike. Not so much about whether I want to go or not but what I will encounter. Is this normal? Will they dissipate once hiking?

05-26-2005, 16:08
I think everyone is a bit different in terms of pre-hike doubt. I tend to live on the more confident side of things. I planned as much as I thought was necessary and the rest I just let happen.

I would say that if you are able to stay healthy on the trail and are committed to finishing the hike then the feelings of doubt you are having now should dissipate once you've start walking.

Just know that you can't figure it all out ahead of time. Even hikers who have done the same trail multiple times will tell you that. "Murphy" goes along on the hike so the harder you try to script out your hike the more things are likely to go haywire.

Try to embrace and enjoy not always knowing what's going to happen next and just make adjustments as you go.

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Moon Monster
05-26-2005, 20:45
Hey Focus, I also left a DC job for a thru-hike. Now, I'm up the road in Baltimore. I'd be more than willing to meet up for a beer and chat in person about this. I could offer my two cents worth of inspiration or the like.

05-26-2005, 22:01
I think anyone with a life outside of hiking will have some doubts about leaving family, job, girl friends, home to go on the trail for an extended period of time.
yea, I think it is normal to have some doubts.


05-26-2005, 23:02
Get on the trail, it will all become clear.:sun

05-27-2005, 02:23
In my experience, uncertainty about what might happen (pre-hike) is worse than dealing with what does happen (once on the trail).

05-27-2005, 08:23
I leave in two days for a two month section. Part of me is jumping out of my skin with excitement, the other part is screaming, "What the heck are you doing??????"

Trail Dog
05-27-2005, 15:22
Man i was scared ****less when i arrived at Amicalola falls alone and in the rain. I was terrified when i had three months before i was to go. I was scrared on the plane ride to Ga and the car ride to the park.

THE worst thing you could do is not go and never find out. All it means is your prepared and hit the point where there is nothing left to do but heft your bag over your back and step out your door and onto the trail.

Hike on man, hike a few miles for me. good luck God speed.

I'll be looking to see how your trip goes. Enjoy the freedom

05-27-2005, 16:13
I'm leaving in about two weeks for my summer hiking, and this summer there are more doubts than in previous summers. Not physical doubts, but I'm leaving behind alot more than I have in past summers. I'm worried that I might spend time during the summer thinking about those things, that are out of my reach, rather than enjoying what is at hand. However, I'm hopeful they will disappear after a few days.

05-27-2005, 18:55
I'm leaving in about two weeks for my summer hiking

Where you heading chris? Good luck and have a great time!

05-30-2005, 17:37
Where you heading chris? Good luck and have a great time!

I'm going to be in the Rockies, sort of on the CDT. I'll try to post something more before I leave, but things are unbelievably hectic right now.