View Full Version : Section-Hiker Hitching East from Minnesota: Travel Partner Wanted

12-26-2012, 20:31
Towards the end of March, I'll be hitching to Hot Springs, NC from Duluth, MN. Figured I'd skip all of the security scanners, baggage handlers, airplanes, and shuttle drivers this year and save a few bucks in the process.

Would anyone be interested in accompanying me?

I'll post some information about myself if anyone is interested.


12-26-2012, 21:19
Hey I might be going down there that time of year, from the Twin Cities. However my entry point is a little farther north near Roanoke. I'm NOBO as usual and I've already hiked from Springer to there. Anyways Hot Springs is a great place to start! Maybe we can travel down there together, I don't want to fly either man.