View Full Version : Eagle's Nest Hammock opinions?

05-29-2005, 13:50
Anyone own an Eagle's Nest Hammock? They make two models, the single and the double nest. I went to a hot air balloon festival this weekend and they had a booth there. They claim they support 400 lbs. The single nest weighs 1 lb. I was thinking about getting one for the backyard and to carry on section hikes. I checked the website and they have a tarp and bug nest for them also, but I'm mainly wanting it to be lazy around camp. In the hotter months I might spend a night or two in it. The only review I found was on BGT, and the guy seemed to be pleased with his.

05-29-2005, 19:25
if i was gonna use a hammock like that i would mak a speer hammock,cheaper lighter more practical,neo

05-29-2005, 20:39
Well, one concern I have about hammocks (at least the lightweight variety) is the fact that I weigh 250. The fact that I am a bit on the tall side always means I have to buy the long sleeping bags, so I'm used to having to carry some extra weight because of that. Heck for that matter, I'm carrying about 40lbs around my midsection, so a few extra ounces on my back don't really get noticed.

The heaviest my pack has ever been is about 48lbs, with food for 5 days and water bladders/bottles full. (we were hking the Smokies and did not want to get off the trail). At 40+ lbs I begin to notice th pack dragging me down. For me, 30-35 is ideal. Less than that and I feel I'm forgetting something, more than that and I kick myself for bringing too much.

I've heard people say 'where do you want to be comfortable, hiking or camping?' My answer is a bit of both. I'll carry extra weight to have clean/dry clothes, extra gear just in case (my first aid kit is not just moleskin and duct tape), extra food (also just in case), water, etc.

The hammock would mainly be just to lay around in, not neccesarily for sleeping and certainly not my primary or only means of shelter.

Just Jeff
05-29-2005, 21:29
Speer 8.5A can handle up to 350lbs, IIRC. And with it you get a tarp and bugnet, so there's no reason you couldn't rely on it as your primary shelter, even if you pitch it on the ground as a bivy.

06-01-2005, 15:06
The hammock would mainly be just to lay around in, not neccesarily for sleeping and certainly not my primary or only means of shelter.
I have a Single and take it when dayhiking. They're great for rest stops and general idling. I replaced the steel snap links with wire gate carabiners, which are stronger and are easier to use with webbing. But you can easily tie the webbing permanently to the end loops. If you get one with the idea of sleeping in it be sure and get a double--the single isn't wide/long enough for this IMO. If you buy mailorder, make sure they let you choose the colors.

Doug Frost